Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I am Back and Ready to Fight!

This post is not as hard to write as it was to face the music and be honest with myself.

In 2012 I ran two marathons - I also gained almost 30 pounds over the 18 month training process and few months after the last marathon.  I was embarrassed that I could train harder than I have ever trained in my life and still put on weight.  I of course used the "gaining weight when training for a marathon is perfectly normal, it's not a weight loss solution" excuse whenever I had to deal with the situation.  But the simple truth is - I let that rationale take over.  For example, I just ran a 15 mile training run - you want to have tacos, chips and froyo for lunch - heck yeah - I burned 1500 calories this morning - I can do that!  Well, the truth is I had no business eating the amount of calories I was eating - running lots of miles or not.  The main reason was that I wasn't eating the right stuff - I was eating crap.  And I knew it.

After the marathon season was over - I was kind of depressed.  I missed the training and the natural high I got from accomplishing this huge goal I had for myself.  So I went back to my old habits and fed my feelings and emotions instead of just dealing with them.  I worked out but not enough to combat the amount of crappy calories I was eating.

In March of 2013 I found my way to Altman Fitness for boot camp.  I had a groupon and I went every day possible for a month.  I fell in love - with the workout, the trainers, the people.  I have written about the love I have for boot camp and Altman Fitness.  That has not changed over the last year.  I still go as many days of the week I can muster and look forward to seeing my friends and trainers.

In December, I joined the 28 Day Fat Loss Program that Altman runs.  The focus of the program is to clean up your eating and lose as much fat as possible in 28 days.  It is a pretty daunting program - no sugar, no salt, no caffeine, no dairy, no fruit, no processed foods.  Lean protein, fresh vegetables, limited starchy carbs and limited healthy fats.  I had already been sugar and caffeine free for almost two months before starting so those two things weren't that terrible to deal with.  Unless you consider the time of year I was doing the program - smack dab in the middle of the holidays!  Temptation at every turn - holiday parties, candy and cookies.

I navigated the 28 days pretty well.  I only had a couple times when I "screwed up" - but overall I was on point.  My final results were 11 pounds lost and 11.5 inches gone from my body!  For good!

The big difference with my weight loss this time is my mindset.  My friend/trainer Jen at Altman is big in to mindset and I really feed off of her excitement.  I really feel like this time around I am losing weight in a more efficient way for my body.  The first time around I ate a lot of packaged meals, 100 calorie packs, sugar, caffeine, dairy, etc.  It was effective for my personal weight loss - but not for permanent fat loss.  It was a means of reducing my calorie intake but not so good for the quality of food I was eating.  Now, don't get me wrong - it was what I needed and what I was ready for at the time and I don't regret any of that.  I just know a little more now and am more comfortable with my body and what it needs to fuel my life and my workouts.
Starting yesterday I have joined another program at Altman - the 6 week Body Transformation.  It is similar to the 28 day but not quite as strict on the meal plan as the 28 day.  We are split in to two teams - 15/16 people on each team.  There is a very friendly rivalry happening already - and it's going to be a great time!  There is a great prize at stake for the individual fat loss winner - I am determined that it be me!  I have about 15-20 pounds to lose to get me back to where I would like to be and to where I want to be for my body fat percentage.  I am confident that with discipline and focus I can get those pounds off and be at the weight and BF I desire.

I continue to go to Boot Camp 3-4 days a week.  I am continuing to be caffeine free, sugar free, dairy free, and eating lots of lean protein, veggies, limited fruit, and some starchy carbs, and healthy fats.

My mind is clear and I am ready to kick butt!  I am going to attempt to update once a week while doing this challenge. I honestly didn't keep track during the 28 day because I was afraid I was going to suck!  Turns out I can stick to something when I am in the proper mind set and ready to do the work!

Be Happy and Healthy Friends!