Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year, New Focus

Well hello there!  I took a break from writing - not really because I didn't have anything to write about - actually the opposite, I had so much I didn't even really know where to start.  I ended the year not really feeling all that great about where I am in my healthy journey and life in general.  I think I felt a little let down after the TC Marathon - the race didn't go as well as I had hoped, I was hurt, I had gained some weight and just overall was stressed out over life. 

The good news?  I have a great support system and was able to find the courage to reach out and get some help.  I met with my GP the first week of January and feel really good about how that went and our plan of action.  I am not fully prepared to talk about those details - but I will, I promise.  I did have some blood tests done that day and have since found out that I am iron deficient.  My doctor and I have a plan in place to figure out why I am deficient and then to subsequently treat that and get me back to normal. 

The weight gain I think has been the biggest obstacle for me emotionally the last few months.  I think it's hard to look in the mirror, look at the scale and to know you have worked really hard over the last 9-12 months but managed to still gain a considerable amount of weight - 25 pounds to be exact!  It's a real kick in the gut - a confirmation that even though you ran the most miles you have ever ran in one year and finished two marathons - you blew it.  You made decisions that were not the best, not the healthiest.  The good thing is that I am back.  I have screwed my head back on the right way and have already made some changes that have helped me lose about 8 pounds in the last 3 weeks. 

I plan to go back to weekly Weight Watchers meetings the first week of February.  To be perfectly honest, I wanted to get a few of these pounds off before I had to face my leader and face the music.  Cause, you know, it's not really official until you step on that scale in a meeting room, right?  Again, I have the support of my friends and family to get back on track and to get these pounds back off of me.  I know I can do it - I have done it before. 

Another thing I have been dealing with over the last several months (6-9) is my hip pain.  In fact, it's been so bad, I really probably shouldn't have ran the TC marathon in October - but I couldn't fathom not attempting it after I had already signed up.  Hindsight - probably should have DNS'd (Did Not Start) that race - lesson learned.  I have sought the assistance of my ortho doctor at TRIA.  She is amazing and was able to get me in for an MRI a couple of weeks ago.  They put this dye in there so they could see if there were any tears - in deed there were.  I have a labral tear in my right hip - which is actually a very common thing - it all just depends on how much it effects an individual.  The reason I went in was because it was truly messing with my daily life - sitting at work, walking up stairs, etc.  It hurt, all of the time - most days it was that dull, constant ache and then when I would get up from sitting and attempt to walk - I honestly looked like I was a 90 year old woman!  It got to be too much, I couldn't work out because it was too painful.  After the results of the MRI, I met with a surgeon and he went over my options.  We opted to try a steroid injection in my hip - the thinking is, attempt to subside the inflammation and the tear could "heal" on its own - basically be less painful.  So, I had that last Tuesday and so far, so good.  I was able to work out on Friday with zero pain and I was still pain free when I woke up on Saturday morning.  I engaged in more physical activity on Saturday helping some friends out - and the week prior - there was no way I would have been able to do much of that.  I am feeling cautiously optimistic - the injections typically last about 3-4 months.  The hope is once the injection "wears off" that I will still have minimal pain and can avoid repeated injections and surgery. 

There you have it.  The state of the union - if you will.  I am feeling better than I have in many, many months.  My main goal is to get these extra pounds back off, get my activity level back up, start running again and feel better overall.  I don't have any big races on the calendar as of right now.  I was hoping to do the Triple 7K on March 16th but think I will do the 7K instead, start out slow and maybe I will do a half or two in the fall.  It will really be dictated by the status of my hips. 

I also would like to get back to regular blogging.  But, I am going to be realistic - my life is crazy and as beneficial as this forum is for me, sometimes it is just not feasible to get here and post.  I would like to get here at least once a week - to check in, maybe post my weigh ins again. 

Thank you for sticking by me, supporting me and encouraging me! 

Be happy and healthy friends!