Tuesday, August 20, 2013

60 Days in a Nutshell

Last Post 6/26/2013

Today is 8/20/2013

Lots has happened.

  • My Baby Girl turned 4. 
  • Had a great 4th of July with wonderful friends. 
  • Took the girls to see Despicable Me 2 in the theater. 
  • Have stayed soda free since beginning of June. 
  • Husband took a weekend to golf with his friends, mom and girls stayed home and had a great weekend. Spectated at Lifetime Triathlon, went swimming and had quality girl time. 
  • Registered for the Twin Cities 10 Mile lottery and GOT IN! 
  • Went to Fogo De Chao for the first time for my birthday dinner with wonderful friends. 
  • Took an entire 7 days off from work. 
  • Celebrated my birthday over a couple of days - spent an entire day with my best friend having cocktails for lunch and walking the lake. 
  • Took a tour of Target Field on my birthday with my daughter - afterward went to a super fun pool party with some lady friends and then had dinner with most of my wonderful family. Fantastic day. 
  • Had over 100 people wish me a Happy Birthday on Facebook - I didn't even know I knew that many people - loved and appreciated every single message! 
  • Took a spill in early August and used my face to catch myself on our front door. 
  • Left two days later - with a mighty fine shiner - for Boston and Philly to visit some customers. 
  • Spent four days telling people how I fell and smashed my face - my eye turned all kinds of dark purple and green while I was in Boston/Philly. 
  • Attended my 20 year high school reunion (still with a black eye) - got to see and talk to some people I haven't seen in a really long time. It was wonderful and weird all at the same time. It was like no time had passed and also like 20 years had passed all at the same time. 
  • I went to boot camp over 30 times in the last 60 days.
  • So, that is what has been going on. I need to get on the stick and drop some more weight. I am working out consistently - now I am working on getting my eating to be more consistent. I have cut the majority of the processed foods I was eating previously. I have drastically cut the amount of grains and dairy I consume as well. Now, I just need to keep the changes consistent. It's so much harder than it appears. 10K race on Aug 31st - have barely run - but will still rock it. 

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