Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's Be Real, Really Real

So, if you are a regular here, you may have noticed I pretty much have fallen off the face of the Earth.  Otherwise known as, the dreaded weight gain.  I have gained some weight, completely lost my running mojo and just didn't know what the heck to say about it.  Well, I am done.  Done feeling sorry for myself, done feeling my clothes get tight again, done making excuses for all of it.  I have got some work to do.  I have some agressive goals and plans of action.  I am going to formulate a better post about those later this week.  It's my birthday on Wednesday and I am not going to let that be an excuse for letting my healthy living go to the wayside.  I have got some training runs planned with my running pal Annie on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and will knock out at least one other run on Thursday or Friday.  Then a long run on Saturday or Sunday with Melissa (we ran 11 last Sunday).  I am in control - no more letting other things control my actions and decisions. 
Now I am going to leave you with some pictures from the Fargo Marathon.  I ordered some pics (1st Marathon, had to do it!) and they are providing some serious motivation right now!  It's great to look at them and recall how I felt at that time!  Unstoppable, accomplished, like there was nothing I could not do! 


On Course - Mile 22ish I think

Finish Line - My Chip Time was actually 4:44:39

Just after getting my medal -
I was a puddly mess right before this and shortly after this was taken when I saw my husband!