Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Great Stepback Week!

24 days - but who's counting, right?  Yeah, right! 

This last week I was in Las Vegas all week for work.  The work was great - very productive, lots of great things on the horizon.  The workouts, not as great.  I ran.  Once.  On a treadmill.  I dislike treadmills.  Especially when I have been able to do the majority of my training runs outdoors lately.  Treadmills suck, but they are necessary at times.  Needless to say, with my work schedule and being exhausted, I only made it to the gym one time for a pretty decent 5 miler. 

I had a very large travel debacle.  Our flight was cancelled and I spent the better part of 40 hours awake, trying to get home on Friday morning.  I made it, safe and sound, thank goodness I had my mom along for a travel companion or I may have lost it even more so. 

Saturday I had planned to run 12 miles (step back week on the training schedule).  I was tired, too tired.  I made the grown up decision to push my long run to Sunday morning.  I ended up going out for my 12 miler solo.  I love running partners, but I secretly like to spend time solo on runs every now and again.  It gives me an opportunity to really focus on what I am doing and what I am trying to accomplish.  I have kind of fallen in love with the Midtown Greenway, Cedar Lake Trail, Minnesota River trail that can get me all the way from South Mpls to Hopkins/Mtka area past 494.  It's a great trail, lots of other peeps out there enjoying the trail so you never feel alone.  And at one point in Hopkins (I think) the trail turns to dirt for awhile and I LOVE IT!  Maybe trail running will be in my future at some point.  It feels good to switch from pavement to dirt for a bit. 

I am so glad I waited until Sunday to run - I thought it was going to be bad since I ran so little during the week.  But, I think my legs were actually pretty happy about the extra rest.  I felt great from mile one.  My breathing was on point, my legs felt strong (tight, but strong) and my head was in the right spot.  I decided before I started that I was going to run this as close to my marathon pace as possible.  I ended up running it even a little bit faster than I plan on running the marathon.  I got to mile 9 and felt so good I actually contemplated tacking on a few more miles, but instead I decided to push the last three miles.  I ended up running the last 6 miles of this run at negative splits.  It felt amazing.  I wore my Camelbak again and it was perfect, enough water, holds my Gu, keys and phone - best purchase I have made lately!

Take a look at these splits - I was having fun! (Tried for so long to copy the details from Garmin Connect - could NOT figure it out!)

Split   Time    Distance
1        9:49.3  1.00
2        9:55.9  1.00
3       10:23.9 1.00
4       10:34.7 1.00
5       10:12.5 1.00
6       10:47.2 1.00
7       10:32.7 1.00
8       10:05.5 1.00
9        9:56.9 1.00
10      9:51.8 1.00
11      9:48.5 1.00
12      9:21.0 1.00
Summary Time 2:01:26 Miles 12.01 Avg Pace 10:07

This run really made me feel confident in my ability to push myself and keep a decent pace (for me!) for 12 miles.  I can only hope that it translates well to my 20 mile run this coming Sunday and then ultimately the full marathon at Fargo. 

I am pretty sure this smile says it all!

Be happy and healthy my friends!

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