Saturday, February 11, 2012

Running for Sherry

This morning was the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold.  Melissa and I had 11 miles on the training plan for our long run today.  It was cold this morning in Minnesota.  We have had a pretty mild winter so far but the temps were low and the wind chill was negative today.  But, we had a bigger reason to get out there today - it was more than just logging the training miles.  It was so we could help make the Earth move in honor of our sister runner Sherry Arnold.  There were people all over the world walking/running/spinning/etc in her honor today.  This story has touched my heart from the minute I heard about her disappearance, so it was important to me to get out there!

Our run this morning was pretty tough - we ended up running 6.75 miles (distance of two of the Mpls lakes) outside and then decided to head to an indoor running track to finish off the 11 miles.  Our hands and faces just could not be spared from the wind and it got harder and harder to keep warm.  Frostbite was not on the agenda so we made the choice to head indoors.  We finished our mileage off strong.  We had a lot of time to reflect and talk this morning.  We talked about Sherry and how it was a good feeling to know that we were part of a larger movement running in her honor and to remind the world that we are runners and we will not be scared away from our passion. 

I had a major fail this morning and we didn't get a picture taken.  But, I do have a picture of the two of us from a run last month that I will share - you get the idea! 

Beth at Shut Up and Run has posted an update today - I encourage you to head over there and read about the run they had in Colorado today.  She also has several pictures up from the run in Sherry's town in MT. 

I never met Sherry - but my heart breaks for her family and friends who miss her dearly.  Today and everyday I will remember her and not take for granted my ability to get out there and run.  I will take the measures possible to ensure that I am as careful and safe as possible each time I head out to pound the pavement.  Get out there and move people - in any way that you can!

Be happy and healthy my friends!

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