Monday, January 16, 2012

Let the craziness begin!

So, the day has arrived - MARATHON TRAINING has commenced!  Today marks the beginning of my 18 week training program.  I am using the Hal Higdon Novice 2 training plan.  I am very excited to get going and see how it works.  The plan consists of four days of running - with one long run per week, a day of cross training and two rest days.  I suspect that I will use those rest days accordingly but may end up walking or doing the elliptical on those days - just to stay active.  We will see - Hal Higdon is very adamant that rest days are crucial and I really don't want to overdue and wind up injured before the marathon so I may just have to listen!  I still plan to continue my strength training program as well - so I will incorporate that three days of the week as well - adding some more core exercises.  My physical therapist has taken a peek at my weight training program and thinks its a solid one and has encouraged me to keep doing it. Often times runners place so much emphasis on getting the miles in that they overtrain - and that's when injuries happen.  He did say that I should run first and lift second - which is different than what I have been doing.  I often lift and then do my cardio for the day - so it will be interesting to see how changing it up helps - the concept makes sense so I will give it a whirl!

My training calendars - there is a lot of miles there!
 Oddly enough, today (Monday) is an actual rest day - I did run 6.25 miles on Saturday but ended up taking a rest day yesterday so I will probably jump on the elliptical at home tonight to get a little sweat on and then hit the 3 mile run in the morning. 

I got new shoes over the weekend.  One of the things that my therapist and I determined needed to change right away was my shoes.  I have been running in Asics Gel Nimbus for a year now - I have lost four toenails since the end of October - two were removed by my step-mom who is also nurse (super helpful!) and the other two have fallen off on their own just in the last few weeks.  It turns out that the toe box on the Asics is just not quite wide enough for me and when I started increasing my miles it ended up taking a toll on my poor feet!  So, I have jumped in to some Brooks Adrenaline 11s to see how they feel.  The toe box is definitely wider and they feel good - I will be testing them out on the treadmill for the first time tomorrow.  I want to take them for a spin indoors first - just in case they are not what I need and can bring them back!  It's too gross outside in MN right now to test drive them outdoors.  I am hopeful that they will help with my toes and overall with the added distance coming up. 

And, I have to tell you I am loving my physical therapy - I have only seen him twice but he is awesome.  I have another appt on Friday morning.  I am going to put a whole post together.  The issue with my hip is pretty common and has a very simple resolution so I want to be sure to share the complete story with you all in case anyone else is struggling with the same pain!  More on that later. 

In addition to following Hal Higdon's marathon training plan, I have also decided to go back to my running roots and add in some Galloway method as well.  Any mileage over 6 miles I will be running intervals - I will run for one mile and then take a 30-60 second walk break.  I have found over the last several months that my legs stay fresher and feel stronger when I am taking the walk breaks.  It has been a proven method for many of the runners I follow online so I am going to give it a try.  I didn't opt for the Galloway marathon training plan however because he has a very different structure than Higdon.  Hidgon's longest distance pre-marathon is 20 miles, Galloway's longest distance pre-marathon I think is actually 26 or 28 miles.  Higdon's philosophy is that training and adrenaline will carry you the last 6 miles - and I feel that will be the best for me.  But, I am staying open - who knows, I may get half way through the training and feel that I need to switch.  That's the beauty - I can do that at anytime! 

So, here goes nothing!  Fargo Marathon here I come!  123 training days remaining!

Me and the girls post Resolution Run on 12/31/11
Be happy and healthy my friends!

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