Thursday, April 28, 2011

Race day, here we come!

First piece of business: weigh in yesterday. I lost 1.2 pounds this week. I was actually really happy about that loss with Easter and all – there may have been some candy in my diet last week! I am now .4 pounds away from my official WW goal weight. Crossing fingers that next week it will happen and I can start the 6 weeks of maintenance – I will still be attempting to lose, but you know what I mean! I am at a total weight loss of 64.4 pounds. It is mind boggling to me that I have lost almost 65 pounds. I wish I hadn’t had that much to lose in the first place but I am so proud that I have stuck with it this time and have really made changes that are lifelong. And I know I have rubbed off on others – my daughter Zoe can often be found “exercising” around the house and has started asking if the foods we give her are healthy. Mission accomplished. I don’t want her to be overly interested in those things at this age, but the fact that she notices and is semi-interested is awesome to me. My husband has also inadvertently lost about 20 pounds in the last 7 months – it’s amazing what an impact small changes can make.

So, this weekend is the big race. Yep, I am running a 10K with Melissa and our friend Troy from work. Well, I should clarify – Troy will be running also – he will be ahead of us the entire time – but he was a big supporter of this run and has faith in Melissa and I. I am thankful to have such supportive people around me. A couple of my PFG peeps will be running the 10K also, and my friend Alexa (the woman behind me starting this whole running thing!) will be running the half marathon. I really hope the weather cooperates with us – it’s not looking real great right now, all I ask is the rain to stay away. Give us all from 9AM to about 10:15AM and then the skies can open up if they want! I am a little nervous for this race – but I don’t think I am nervous about the actual running part. Weird, huh! I think I am more nervous because this is the LARGEST 10K in Minnesota and the 15th largest 10K in the NATION! We are talking thousands of people running! Which is kind of awesome but intimidating at the same time. This is by far the largest race I have been involved in but I am looking forward to race day adrenaline and hoping that it will help us shave a couple of minutes off our time. Either way this is going to be a great experience – it’s our first 10K, Melissa and I are running it together, we will set a Personal Record (it’s our first 10K it goes without saying, right!) and we will have accomplished something that neither of us even dreamt about 5 months ago.

After this weekend I think I will finally be ready and convinced enough to be able to call myself a runner. I have really shied away from declaring myself a runner – I am not a tall, slender, short-short wearing athlete that runs marathons. The other day when I was driving the girls home from South Minneapolis, we took the “lakes” route home cause it was a nice day, Zoe declared from the backseat – “mom, look she’s a runner, JUST LIKE YOU!” It still gives me the chills just thinking about it. My daughter thinks I am a runner – so it must be true!

Here’s hoping that the training we have put in for the last 5 weeks really pays off. Thank you to everyone that has supported us and made sure we could get out for our long training runs!

Have a happy and healthy week friends!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pass the Excedrin, please!

I have had so many post ideas rolling around in my head lately but I just can't seem to put anything coherent on the page.  Which sort of leads to me a whole different post idea. 

I get migraines - and I used to get them A LOT.  When I was diagnosed with them about 8 years ago they gave me some crazy meds to handle them - those meds actually made me more sick than the actual migraine.  So, I said, thanks but no thanks and found over the counter meds that "helped".  I typically will take an Excedrin Migraine when I feel a headache coming on and that has worked for me. 
During my first pregnancy I got them a little more frequently and then after she was born they actually stopped and I didn't have one for almost 6 months.  I had a few during my second pregnancy but nothing that was intolerable and they were manageable.  They've been pretty infrequent again the last year until recently.
In the last few weeks I have had more than I count - none that I would classify as off the charts, but uncomfortable none the less.  They seem to come out of nowhere and do quite the number on my demeanor and desire to do anything physically active! 
I have been pretty inactive the last two days because I have had a headache for two days now.  I don't like to complain or whine - my girls can do that enough for all three of us (love them!) but I may be getting to the point where I may need to call in reinforcements! 
I am thinking I may need to schedule a full physical as I have not had one in a year or two.  Then I can let him decide if I need to have any other tests done to check things out.  I don't especially like going to the doctor - especially with our new insurance (I won't go there!) but it may be time for me to get a once over! 

So, I will resist the urge to whine and grab another Excedrin! 

Weigh in recap for the week:   I weighed in on Wed - lost .8 this week - not super impressive but after last week I was happy to show a negative number!  I am down 63.2 total.  That leaves me with 1.6 more to shed until I can start my 6 weeks of maintenance at WW.  I still haven't determined at what weight I will be content but I am starting to think that the number is going to be less significant than the inches are at this point.  My middle section is really the spot that still troubles me - and I think the running and weight training is going to be effective at minimizing that area - I just have to be patient!

I had a major NSV today that I would like to share.  We are going to the Twins game tomorrow and I have discovered recently all of my beloved Twins shirts and jersey are just too big for me.  So, I went to the Twins Pro Shop near Ridgedale today and got myself a brand new shirt.  It's a shirt actually designed for a woman (go figure!) and its a MEDIUM!  Yeah, I can hardly believe it.  Considering it feels like I was just wearing 2X days ago this was huge for me.  My friends have been great about encouraging me to try on things in smaller sizes because my brain and hand still grabs XL no matter what.  It felt really great to be on my own and know that I needed to try on the smaller size and actually buy it when I discovered it fit! 

Happy Earth Day and Good Friday friends!  Have a wonderful weekend and a nice Easter. 

Think of me tomorrow morning as I get out and run 5.5 miles in our beautiful spring weather (yeah, right!) - need to get a couple more long ones in before the official 10K next weekend! 
Be well peeps!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, hello there!

Wow - I took quite the break from blogging!  I have been so busy with work, the kids, getting work outs in, etc.  I felt very disconnected from the online world for a bit - it was kind of nice, but I did enjoy catching up on my favorite blogs the last couple of days.  I like to hear about what everyone is up to - how many miles they are getting in, all of the clothes they are purging because they are shrinking, and leaving a comment to support and commiserate! 

So, my last post was an "I gained a pound, poor me" kind of a thing.  But, I have gotten over myself and realized it was just not that big of a deal.  I really buckled down last week and ate a little bit more on days when I worked out heavy (running days) and just did what I know I am supposed to do.  It really showed on the scale too!  At my WW meeting last Wed (4/13/11) I lost 3.8 pounds!  My new total weight loss is 62.2 pounds.  It was a great feeling to see that number on the scale - my lowest weight since I don't know when!  I am now 2.2 pounds away from my WW goal.  I don't necessarily think that this will be my final weight loss goal - but it's where I want to be so I can "maintain" for 6 weeks and make Lifetime member.  At that point I will no longer have to pay to go to WW!  I honestly didn't think that day would ever be a reality - but hear I am, almost there! 

My workouts and running have been going pretty well.  Melissa and I got a long run in a couple of Saturdays ago - we ran 5 miles, it took us just about an hour.  It really made us feel like the 10K was an actual possibility.  Last weekend, we ran in our second 5K race.  My uncle works for a great place in Prior Lake that was sponsored the Live Well Event.  The YMCA located next door hosted a 5K race that morning.  As some of you know - that live in MN - we got a coating of snow overnight last Friday in to Saturday morning.  It was chilly but mostly it was WINDY!  Every time we turned a corner we thought for sure that we would be out of the reach of the wind - but NO! there it was, ready to smack us in the face again.  Despite the conditions and the overall feeling that the run wasn't going all that well - we actually had a great time.  We crossed the finish at 31:20 - which is actually almost a full 2 minutes off our first 5K time.  It felt great even if we weren't feeling so hot! 

I definitely had some days last week that I was just not feeling it.  I had a bad cold for most of last week and skipped a couple of days of workouts.  It felt weird to say out loud that I was skipping a day, and then two - but it had to be done - my body was clearly telling me to rest and for once in my life I listened.  And when I got back on the wagon it definitely felt better.  I don't think I could have said that if I had just tried to plow through, half-assed during the week. 

I am back friends!  Ready to share how things are going - the good and the bad.  And I look forward to keeping tabs on all of my dear friends online too!  Keep keeping on friends!  Be healthy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bye, Bye Streak

The streak has ended…28 weeks without a gain in weight. It was epic, I was really starting to think that I could get all the way down to my goal weight without showing a gain. It was unrealistic of me to think that I would be able to do that – but I was only 5 pounds away so it couldn’t be that unreasonable right. Well, today that streak came to a shrieking halt as I posted a ONE POUND GAIN on the scale at WW today. I was sort of expecting it based on what my own scale said but I still wasn’t prepared for the finality of it when she put that damn sticker in my book with +1 staring back at me.

I know what you are thinking – “Jen, get over yourself, you have lost 58.6 pounds in 29 weeks – this was bound to happen and you will bounce back this week.” And I will politely say – “You are right, it will be okay, I will move on and get back at it”. But I am just not sure if that is how I REALLY feel. I know that is how I am supposed to feel, but I am not sure that my head is actually there. Yet.

I am not writing this to get you all to comment and tell me how great I am (I appreciate those comments but this is not meant to be a plea for them). I really needed to get this out on “paper” so I can move on and get back to the task at hand. So thank you for obliging me.

I really did not think a one pound gain would send me in to a spin, but it has. Thankfully I had Missy to lean on immediately afterward – and her words were very comforting and supportive. My mom also had some nuggets of wisdom for me as well. The hardest conversation was with Rob. He called me to find out if I broke through the 60 pound mark today – I could tell he was excited and waiting for me to tell him the good news. I told him I gained and he could tell I was not happy about it. His immediate reaction was “that’s okay, you have not gained any weight since you started, you will get it next week for sure.” He sure does come through every now and again! And I am fortunate to have so many people in my corner rooting for me and reminding me how far I have come.

I have started to question my eating and whether or not I may be eating too little. I am working out pretty hard and there were a couple of days last week that I was so hungry but I didn’t have the points/calories to spare so I just drank water to satiate my stomach. But, after a little bit of research this afternoon on a running nutrition website I am thinking that I may not be properly fueling myself – especially on days that I am running. I am going to play a little bit with my food intake and exercise this week and see what I can come up with. I am not totally freaking out – just thinking that I may need to shake things up a little bit and get back to losing!

I am roughly 6 pounds away from my goal weight at WW – so mathematically speaking the losses are going to get tougher. But, for me I can see that there is still work to be done so posting a gain at this point in the game was very defeating. I am not going to let it derail me though. I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off and remind myself that I have lost 58.6 pounds and I have dropped 4 pant sizes in less than 6 months.

This is a new lifestyle for me and I need to figure out how to make it work with my life – this is not a diet – I will not ditch everything I have learned the minute I get to my goal. Again, thank you to each and every one of you for the love and support that you show me every day. It means so much to me!

Be well and happy friends!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today marks my 100th entry on this little bloggy blog.  I am not sure if that is a lot or a little but it's a round number so I thought I would call attention to it! 

I thought I would do a recap of sorts for you today.  I don't have a meaty topic so thought I would just share what I have been up to and how things are going on this healthy lifestyle path I am on! 

On Saturday I was able to get together with some great women for some coffee and conversation.  Jen at PriorFatGirl set up a date for us at The Beat coffeehouse in Uptown.  It was so great to sit around a big table with women who are going through, have been through, will go through the same successes and struggles that I have dealt with.  There were some great ideas shared, some wonderful success stories and many of us who are still on that path and trying to figure out just who we are becoming through all of this.  It's no secret that I have a great support system around me every day - but it might be a little secret that I have been so fortunate to add to my arsenal of support through the wonderful people I have met online.  I am very blessed and honored to have all of you in my life. 

My mom took the girls on Saturday for a trip to the MN Zoo and a sleep over at Grandma's house so Rob and I had the day to ourselves.  While I was at coffee, Rob got the girls out the door and headed to the golf dome.  When I got home, I changed clothes, got my shoes on and headed out on the 3.5 mile route I had mapped the night before.  I knew I didn't want this run to be a personal record or anything - because I had already planned on doing a longer run on Sunday with Missy.  I set out through the neighborhood, iPod on and the sun shining!  It was a great day for a run!  I actually ended up doing something I have never done before - I ran the entire 40 minutes!  I did not take any walk breaks like I usually do.  I felt really good - my lungs felt good, my legs felt good, my head felt good! 
Later,  as I was getting ready to go out shopping with Rob I had a meltdown of sorts.  Every shirt I attempted to put on was too big, noticeably too big!  I have really been excited that I am wearing smaller sizes but for some reason on Saturday it was really overwhelming.  So, Rob suggested we take a look for a couple of shirts for me while we were out - he really speaks my language!!!  I may attempt to write a more thought provoking post about the whole clothes meltdown later this week - still trying to work it out in my head a bit. 
Rob and I had a nice afternoon together - we did get me a couple of shirts at Old Navy and a super cute skirt at REI!  We had dinner at Kip's Irish Pub and there was an 80's party going on in their private room - it was awesome people watching!  We got a kick out of it for sure!  Rob had the salmon - it looked really good but there was a TON of olive oil on the plate - sometimes too much a good thing is just too much!  I had the Chicken Pot Pie which is the best thing EVER - I did however, remove the flaky, crusty bread from the top and only ate the innards of the pot pie.  It was delicious and satisfying! 

Sunday I had already made plans with Missy to get in a longer run as we are trying to build on our mileage for the 10K we are running at the end of the month.  It was really windy so we decided to run a route in her neighborhood - we completed just under 4 miles in 42 minutes.  It was actually the worst run I have had since I started this whole running business.  I am thinking that my body was angry at me for having a couple of beers (which I just don't do anymore) and it was really taking it out on me while I was running.  It was the first time that I thought I could have thrown up after running - I didn't, but it was not out of the realm of possibilities.  But, the fact remains, I did it - I ran 42 minutes (only one walk break) and if I hadn't been meeting Missy - I just might have skipped it! 

We went and picked up the girls from my mom on Sunday afternoon.  I had really missed them since I didn't see them at all on Saturday.  I enjoyed the quiet but I enjoy the noise just as much! 

It was a great weekend - it appears that Mother Nature may be turning around and letting us actually get a spring here in MN this year! 

I will update again tomorrow after my WW weigh in!  Really hoping to pass that 60 pound loss tomorrow! 

Be healthy and well my friends! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

So close...

Happy Friday to you!  This has been one of the longest weeks I have had in a long time!  Lots going on at work - changes happening, month and quarter end - it was BUSY!!!!  I was still able to get in some activity this week - a couple of runs and plenty of DVD workouts.  Ate most meals at home during the week so controlling my food was fairly easy this week. 

I had my weigh in on Wednesday this week.  I was really hoping to keep up with my 2 pounds a week loss but came up a little short this week - I lost 1.6.  Which brings my total weight loss to 59.6 pounds.  I was anticipating breaking through the 60 pound mark -but will have to wait until next week I guess!  I set my official weight goal at Weight Watchers this week - it feels good - I am about 5.2 pounds away from that goal.  Although, I don't think I will be done losing weight.  But, this will get to me a comfortable weight, get me to maintenance mode at WW and then Lifetime.  I am thinking that another 5-10 pounds would still comfortably come off before I am officially done losing.  I guess it will really depend on how my body changes in the coming months with the working out and running I am doing.  My weak point is still my midsection - I don't have starry eyed dreams of having a wash board stomach but a little less fluff would sure be nice!  After all, I was obese, had two children and now have lost that weight - it's going to take some major work to get that stomach back in to shape. 

The training for the 10K coming up at the end of April is going well.  We are planning a longer run this weekend around the lakes in Mpls - hoping to get a strong 4 miles in.  I am still shocked every time I go running about how strong I feel and how much I don't actually hate it! 

I had a pretty awesome NSV (non-scale victory) yesterday.  We went to The Gap to try on some jeans and I ended up putting on my old stand bys - Long and Lean.  I tried on the same size I had at home just in a different wash - Missy told me to try on the next size down.  I thought she was crazy but obliged!  And lo and behold those jeans fit!  Yesterday at The Gap I bought myself a new pair of jeans and a pair of work pants in a size 10.  There are some that will read that and not realize what a big deal that actually is to me.  When I started this weight loss journey I was wearing a size 18 in most pants and I have gradually dropped since then.  I fully realize that I will not be a size 10 in every store that I could shop in - but as of today I am at The Gap and that feels pretty darn awesome!  Once again, I have to thank Missy for pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me realize that my clothes are not supposed to hang on me - and that a little "fit" in certain areas is a good thing!  

I am looking forward to a coffee and conversation event with some other bloggers on their own healthy living paths tomorrow morning.  The girls are spending the day and night with my mom tomorrow so the husband and I are having a date night!  It's been quite awhile since we have had a quiet night without the girls - it will be nice to reconnect.  And then Sunday, Missy and I will attempt to knock out those 4 miles - all in a day's work!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Be well and healthy friends!