Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blown Away!

I really did not know what to expect at weigh in this week.  I was blown away when the WW lady said I had lost 5 pounds and surpassed the 40 pound loss I was shooting for this week and actually was only .8 pounds away from 45!  Seriously, I thought she was joking - which by the way would not have been funny.  Alas, she was not and I have now lost 44.2 pounds in 17 weeks.  Every time I chose a green pepper slice over a cookie, every time I chose to get up at 5:30 and work out instead of hitting the snooze button (again) - PAID OFF!  It feels really weird to say that I have lost almost 45 pounds, it feels weird that the weight on my drivers license is actually correct now (yes, I was a big fat liar!) and it feels even weirder to see my body changing before my eyes.  I definitely have a lot more work to do but I am really starting to see the changes and seeing the new me. 
Missy, Tanya and I went to Mainstream Boutique in Apple Valley on Tuesday night - my aunt is a style consultant and she hosted a party.  It was SO much fun!  I had never been to the boutique before but I will definitely be back!  I spotted a dress right away when we got there so it was the first thing I tried on - it was awesome!  All of the ladies thought it fit me perfectly and I didn't want to take it off!  Missy really liked it too so we both had it on and had to snap a picture together!  Yep, we are a little goofy - we were having a great time!  I will be sporting that new dress at our company party on Saturday at the Walker Art Center.  The best part is that dress is a Large - which for me is the smallest size I have worn in many years!  And there was a pair of jeans that I tried on right at the end of the night too that I will be going back to get this weekend - AWESOME!  If you are interested in Mainstream Boutique, check them out at the link.  I highly recommend the private party option - we really had a great time trying things on together and hanging with some fun ladies!

I just want to say one thing before I go...I would not have been able to lose this weight without the support of some very important people.  First, Missy - if you had not wanted to join WW with me I don't know if I would have done it and stuck with it like I have, I love that we have done this together and that we are partners in crime on this journey to healthy living.  Second, my husband - Rob has been amazing through this process, he eats my new creations without complaining and actually ends up liking most of them, he tells me I look great and encouraged me when I said I wanted to take a running class on Saturday mornings.  Thank you for loving me at any size, and for helping me get to the right size!  To all of my parents, in-laws, brother, sister in law, Tracy, all other friends and family - without your words of encouragement, your constant support, the great comments on Facebook and this blog I do not know if the outcome would have been the same.  I still have a ways to go and knowing that each and everyone of you is behind me in this makes that not so scary!  I will keep fighting!                                                       

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday! 1/19/2011

It is that day again!  Some times the week seems to go by really quickly!  As you could tell from my last post I jammed a lot of activity in to last weekend.  I really should have squeezed more exercise in but that's life and I need to move on. 
I had another loss this week - only 0.8, but it's a loss.  Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.  I was not happy about it, but there is nothing I can do about it now, it's done and I have to move on.  If I was being completely honest with myself, I would tell myself that my workouts were probably what did me in this week.  I had a couple of days that I had great intentions and life really steam rolled me.  I recognize that this is going to happen but I really want to minimize the frequency if possible. 

A very sweaty Future PFG!

The snow put a damper on my running outside last week - I am hoping to get a couple of runs in this week - for sure Saturday morning at the Running Room, but would like to get at least one or two in on my own as well.  The cold does not bother me as much as the snow does - as odd as that may sound.  I can dress warm for the cold, but that day I ran in the fresh snow was rough - guess I need some yak-trax! 

I started this new week off with a great work out with Jillian.  When I am feeling in need of a gut check, I can throw in a Jillian DVD and she will kick my rear end!  My triceps are still sore from my workout last night - I am telling you that circuit training is awesome!  I snapped a pic in all of my sweaty glory last night just because I felt so good after that I had to take a snapshot so I can have a visual reminder of how good it feels!

Meatloaf with turkey bacon - pre-baking

I made an awesome dinner tonight.  The other day Sarah at posted a meatloaf recipe from PioneerWoman that she had modified to make more WW friendly.  It was so good!  I used really lean ground beef and turkey bacon - Rob LOVED it!  In fact, both girls ate it too - which is really something!  This recipe will definitely make our lineup going forward.  Thanks for the recipe Sarah! 

 My mom and I are taking the girls to JCPenney for pictures on Friday.  Zoe turned 3 recently and Ava is now almost 19 months so it's that time.  If you don't know me well you are not aware of my need to have pictures taken of my girls at every milestone.  I have so many pictures in my house, we are running out of wall space - it's an illness!  I will update the blog over the weekend with some previews from that shoot - please cross your fingers for us - the girls are at that age when they are usually less than cooperative so I need all of the luck I can get my hands on! 

Have a great week friends!  Oh, my total weight loss to date is 39.2 pounds - since I came up short this week my new goal is to break through that 40 pound mark next week!  I WILL DO IT! 

Be well!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PriorFatGirl Event and weekend recap

This past weekend was full of activity.  On Friday night Zoe had her first concert at school.  She only goes to daycare (school) one day a week and has recently moved in to the preschool room there so she had only been practicing with her class for a couple of weeks,  but she did awesome.  That was her first time in the front of a big room with all of those people looking at her!  She actually sang the songs and was only visibly nervous for the first one, she warmed up for sure!  The grandparents, Ava and I took Zoe out to dinner at Applebee's afterwards to celebrate - it was a great evening!  The only piece missing was Rob - he works Friday nights so reluctantly had to miss it. 

Saturday morning was exciting for me - I attended the One Breath, One Step event held by PriorFatGirl, Jen at The Beat Coffeehouse in Minneapolis.  I was pretty nervous because I attended the seminar by myself.  I walked in to the coffeehouse all alone and of course all I noticed was the other people that were there with their friends.  I "knew" a lot of the people there from their blogs and twitter handles, but had not met any of them in person before.  There were two speakers - Paul, a nutritionist/Personal Trainer from Lifetime Fitness and Stacy from Kitchenwerks. 

I really enjoyed Paul's talk - it was nice that he didn't just stand up there and tell us all to eat more vegetables - as if we all don't know that already!  Some of the key points from Paul's presentation were:
  • Meals are balanced: should contain protein, fat and carbs.
  • Meals are real: reduce artificial ingredients and processed foods - one at a time
  • Meals are not small: if we are nourishing ourselves properly our meals should be filling
  • Hydration: we should be taking 1/2 our body weight in water every day - The Solution To Pollution is Dilution (words to live by)
  • Fat, Fiber and Protein satisfy me!
  • Influencing your internal environment - what messages are you sending to your body?
  • Make time every day to learn something
  • Weight loss is a side effect, not result, of living life differently
Stacy from Kitchenwerks was up next.  She had some great ideas for getting more veggies in to our daily meals.  Great tips for getting more veggies past your kids!  Grinding up vegetables to super small pieces and sprinkling them on dishes can even fool grown ups!  Getting kids in the kitchen and participating more in food prep will encourage them to eat it and be proud of it! 

Jen, the original PriorFatGirl also got up and talked to us a bit.  Jen has lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for more than two years.  I think I am actually more impressed and inspired by the fact that she has kept it off, than the actual getting it off- hopefully that doesn't sound bad.  She talked about the things that she has had to keep in the forefront of her mind over the years - while losing and while maintaining. 
  • Take Responsibility for your Life - you got to this spot, get yourself out
  • Make your own Success - celebrate the victories
  • Take away the power of "restrictions" - make decisions, not restrictions (personal favorite)
  • Throw your tantrums and move on
  • Acknowledge everything GOOD and BAD
I was able to meet some really awesome people on Saturday.  Some were just starting their journey, others have been on the journey for a bit and have some great success, and others are on the maintenance end of the journey but still deal every day with the healthy decisions they make.  I met one gal in particular that is a 5K running machine - she and her husband ran 12 - 5Ks last year!  I am really looking forward to running a race with her sometime this year.  I was so inspired and energized when I left The Beat on Saturday.  Thank you to Jen for throwing a great get together - I can't wait for the next one!

I also got to meet the one of the sweetest little baby boys on Saturday afternoon.  My long time, dear friend Carly and her husband had a little boy about 6 weeks ago and I FINALLY got over there to meet him.  Oh my word - he smelled so good (just love that baby smell) and was so snuggly and sweet.  I honestly could have sat there all day and just held him!  Babies just melt my heart!

Saturday night we dropped the girls off at Nana and Papa's house and headed out for a night out with our friends.  I went to a girls night in at my friend Jessica's house and Rob went to the boy version party at Ben's house.  So, the girls were at one house and the boys were at another!  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I just love the time I get to spend with my girlfriends.  I get to sit back, enjoy some dinner, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the laughter and friendship.  Thank you my dear friends for a wonderful evening!

Sunday morning I picked up my girls and headed to breakfast with Grandma Sharon, Uncle Matt, Auntie Tanya and Shawn.  We enjoyed some pancakes at the VFW Pancake breakfast - my grandpa makes the cake mix so you know they were delicious! 
The girls and I also went to visit my friend Tracy and her family.  Tracy had a baby in August, but because he was born premature we have not had the kids together for awhile, trying to make sure we didn't baby boy sick!  The girls were so excited to play with Tracy's girls and had a great time.  I was excited to get to hold baby boy for awhile - he is so sweet and snuggly (twice in one weekend!) and I just love him! 

In case you were wondering - I did have to miss my running clinic on Saturday but I was able to get in a couple of runs during the week.  I am going to really try and get a couple in this week before we have class again on Saturday - I don't want to get too far behind!  It's going to be REALLY cold here this week but I will do my best to suck it up and get out there! 
I am also doing a new Jillian DVD right now - No More Trouble Zones - it's intense and I really like it. I have also decided to throw in her ab DVD and do that one at night so I will be getting a couple of smaller workouts in for the day.  So far, so good! 
Weigh in tomorrow so I will have an update tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning.  I am really hoping for a loss of 1.6 or more so I can break that 40 pound mark this week!  We shall see!

Be well!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's next?

I can say with 100% certainty that I am overwhelmed by the support and encouragement that I have received from friends and family over the last several months.  I was not really sure what I was opening myself up to when I decided to reveal this blog and what I was up to with the weight loss.  I sure must be doing something right to have all of these amazing people in my life.  I am so grateful and it makes this journey so worth it - to be able to share it with all of you is such a blessing. 

I have been thinking hard the last couple of weeks about ways that I can make an even bigger impact with this blog.  I am not looking to change lives here but I know that I have gained so much inspiration from other bloggers that I read and have wondered if there is more that I can do. 

To this point, I have really just updated once a week about my weigh in and anything else that happens to be going on.  I am considering adding a couple of more days a week to my updating.  It is much harder than I thought it would be to come up with topics that you think people will actually find interesting.  I also want to be sure that I use my time wisely and that the topics are of value as well.  With two small children at home I don't have a lot of time to craft a lot of amazing posts - but I am going to give it a shot. 

So, if there is anything that you are interested in reading about - whether it be related to weight loss, nutrition, exercise, kids, whatever - let me know and I will see what I can come up with.  I want this blog to have a clear direction - it started as a place for me to chronicle my days with the girls - but obviously those days were so full that I didn't make the time to get here and have done more of my chronicling with photos.  If we are friends on FB you know what I mean - I take a lot of pictures - but I really want to have those around for the girls so that years from now they can see what we did when they were young - and pictures tell the story much better than I ever could! 

I have been experimenting in the kitchen as well - so who knows maybe I will throw in a recipe here and there.  Speaking of that - last night I tried the new Morningstar Farms Lasagna - all I can say is YUMMM!  It was so good - they use the veggie sausage style crumbles and the flavor was so good.  Normally when I have something that was cooked in the microwave for 5 minutes (ala Smart Ones) my expectations are not real high.  I was pleasantly surprised and will be venturing back to Target today because they were on sale for $3!!!!! 

One last note: I purchased a 30 day unlimited pass today for $20 for a boot camp class at BCOR that is in EP, New Hope and Eagan - the retail value is $139 - such an awesome deal - check it out here -  - and if you do not already receive emails from Living Social you should really sign up!

I am working on what comes next and will continue on my journey!  I am so happy and blessed to be able to bring you all with me! 

Be well!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Off and running...

Hello my people!  My people?  Okay, I certainly don't have people, but for those of you who keep coming back to check on me and/or leave your incredibly inspiring and thoughtful messages - THANK YOU! 
I second and triple guessed myself when making the decision to "out my blog" on Facebook a couple of months ago - I am so glad that I did not talk myself out of it!  The support and friendship that I have received through this blog and through my FB page have been so awesome and really have kept me going.  I don't want to quit and really hope that I don't ever get to that point in this journey when its so hard that I just don't want to do it anymore.  I am sure there will be days (I have had them already) when I don't want to care about what I am putting in my mouth or how many minutes I worked out that day.  But honestly, when I have those days I think about this place and the people that are supporting me, walking the same journey and it reminds me of why I am doing this in the first place.  It's for me - I want to be healthy, I want to live a long life with my husband, kids, friends and family! 

So, on to the exciting stuff of the week!  I had my weekly weigh in today - today marked the completion of 16 weeks at Weight Watchers.  I got a little charm to put on my WW key chain to mark the occasion.  They call the 16 week mark at WW the "Stay and Succeed" award.  I have definitely stayed and I have most certainly succeeded.  There is much more work to be done, but I would be remiss to not stop and pat myself on the back for what I have accomplished thus far.  *pats self on back*
This week I lost another 2.2 pounds - which brings the grand total for 16 weeks to 38.4 pounds.  I am more than half way to my goal weight - I would still like to lose about 25 more pounds to really be at a place where I am comfortable with my physical health.  That would put me at a size that I have not been in, I don't even know how long.  Its been a REALLY long time!  I can recall back in high school and my first couple quarters at college and thinking about how FAT I thought I was!  I just saw some pics recently from my senior year of HS and freshman year in college - I would  love to be that "fat" right now!  What a distorted mind I have had, for so long! 
I still find myself not realizing how different my body is at this point.  I put on jeans that I wore 3 months ago and they fall off - literally, I have a few pairs that I can actually pull off without undoing the buttons and zippers - probably time to get rid of them!  I was able to put on some work pants the other day that I have not been able to wear in several years and they fit, they are not snug, they fit.  I am still adjusting to seeing the new person I am becoming.  It's as if my head and eyes are not connected - I know I have lost the weight and some days I can actually see it, but there are still those days and moments when I see the person I was 38 pounds ago.  She is not a bad person, just different, and that's okay.  When I started this journey I knew that I needed to change what was going on, on the inside and the outside.  I am working on the physical part pretty intensely and I can feel the mental side of it coming along as the weeks go on. 
I started the running clinic last weekend.  The first class was short - introductions (who are you, why are you here and what do you want to accomplish), figuring out times for practice runs, talked a little bit about what to wear in the cold and then we headed out in the cold for a run!  Missy and I dressed warmly and were ready for the cold - and we did great!  It was a 20 minute run - the method that the Running Room teaches is the 10 and 1.  10 minutes of running, 1 minute brisk walking - that is the goal for the end of this Learn to Run program.  For the first week, we did one minute run, one minute walking for 20 minutes.  Not really sure exactly how far we ran/walked but it was not as bad as I had envisioned.  They encourage you to stay at a conversational pace - and Missy and I were able to talk to each other the whole time so I think we did great at that part, considering neither one of us usually talks when we run.  It's going to be hard for me to get to the practice runs in Maple Grove - with my work schedule, picking the girls up, etc, etc.  So, I have decided if I am able to get 2-3 runs in on my own during the week I am good.  I went for my first "on my own" run yesterday at lunch time.  I went out for about 20 minutes - it was tough.  It had snowed on Monday and much of Monday night so there was fresh snow to contend with - my legs got quite the workout making sure I didn't fall and hurt myself!   But, I did it and I plan on doing it again Friday and Saturday.  I have to miss our actual class on Saturday morning but plan to get a run in later in the day. 
I am attending a really cool event on Saturday morning.  Jen, over at PriorFatGirl is holding her third PFG event.  I am very excited to hear the speakers, meet some people who have been on, currently are on, and those just starting on this healthiness journey, and learn some new tips to help with my continuing weight loss and maintenance.  I have never gone to a blogger hosted event before so this should be a cool experience and will hopefully be an opening to new experiences. 

Have a great week "my people"!  Be well! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

15 weeks in and....

36.2 pounds GONE!  Gone forever!  It's been a slow couple of weeks for weight loss with the holidays happening and such.  I really slacked off on my workouts but was mostly acutely aware of what I was eating so I didn't have any weight gain - like I normally would around this time of year.  It feels really good going in to the new year already progressing toward those typical resolutions we all make at the start of a new year.  It felt great to go to WW yesterday and not be "new" or just starting out but already 15 weeks in to the process.  Mind you, there is nothing wrong with just starting out on this journey at the first of the year - but for me personally, it felt great to already have some time under my belt and know that I am on the path and doing the things I need to do already. 

Our first running clinic is this Saturday and to say I am a little nervous would be a fair statement.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I don't think I am actually nervous about the running, I think it may be the running OUTSIDE.  The high temp for Saturday is 9 degrees, the only problem with that is that our class starts at 9:30AM which means we will be heading outside around 10AM to go for our run - high temps don't usually hit until late afternoon!  Oh well, I think we are ready and prepared and will be even more so after our first session.  I am looking forward to learning and adding a new piece of arsenal to my healthiness journey! 

Zoe and I

On a non-weight loss front - my oldest daughter Zoe is officially in the preschool room at her daycare.  She just turned 3 at the beginning of December and they have been transitioning her to the new room the last couple of weeks - she has had the same teacher since she started there so they didn't want to change her over too quickly.  She only goes one day a week so for the longest time she would still get all shy and clutch my leg when we would get there in the morning.  Well, today she took her coat off, changed in to her shoes and she was off - before I had her stuff hung up and ready to walk out she was playing with  her new friends and could barely be bothered to say goodbye to her mom!  It was so cute and it really made me happy that she is so proud and excited to go to the "big kid room" at school!  Now, we just need to find a way to be able to get her there more than one day a week - wishing child care wasn't so darn expensive! 

Ava and I

Our other daughter Ava - just turned 18 months old last week and she is starting to talk more and more every day.  For awhile there I was kind of worried that she was never going to talk!  Her and Zoe have gotten so much better about playing together and sharing their toys with one another, it really makes me happy to see them interact together and see how much they love each other - FOR NOW!  I honestly never pictured myself with two little girls but I just can't imagine my life without both of them in it.  Okay, I am done gooshing over my babes! 

I have added Jillian's "No More Trouble Zones" workout to my daily routine (tired of the Shred right now) and it is sufficiently kicking my arse.  I have been sore for three days but have pushing through it.  It's hard getting out of bed on these cold Minnesota mornings but the way I feel for the rest of the day is totally worth it!

Here's to a fit and healthy week!  Stay warm friends!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I am a Runner???

So, if we are friends on FB you already may have seen that I have signed up for a running clinic. In other words, I have LOST MY MIND! Now, it's not that I have never run before or don't know how to run, but in my previous life running was never something I did because I wanted to, I did it because I HAD to! Training for softball usually required some sort of distance running and the forever dreaded sprints - but in my younger years that was fine and I did it, I had to! Now I am choosing to run, which I am hoping will actually make it more appealing in the long run. This is my choice and I choose to run.

I have a lot of friends and family that LOVE to run. I have never fully understood it, but I do know the high you can get from a great workout and I look forward to that "runners high" people speak so fondly of.

My friend Missy and I are going to do the running clinic together which is awesome because it means I have no wiggle room! I can't wake up on Saturday morning and decide that I don't want to go - I love accountability! And the chances of waking up some Saturday morning in January or February and not wanting to get up and go outside and run is highly likely! Yes, this running clinic has about 30-40 minutes of "class" and then you go for a run after - OUTSIDE! I am taking it all in stride and using the cold weather running as an excuse to purchase a couple of new pieces of workout gear! Under Armour has a nice selection of Cold Gear apparel, I actually picked up a shirt at REI last weekend - it's cute and I am excited to wear it! If you have any other suggestions for staying warm out there please share!

The thing I am actually most nervous about is actually liking this whole experience. I know all of the health benefits, etc of running so I am really hoping that this is something that I can work in to my workout routine and actually enjoy!

Stay tuned, as I am sure there will be lots of updates and/or whining about the running clinic!

Happy New Year All!