Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Official!

I have lost my dang mind!  Do you remember this girl? 

January 29th with my husband - down about 35 pounds
This girl in the picture was feeling pretty good - she had started running about 3 weeks prior to this picture being taken and feeling good about it.  And she felt pretty bad ass in that dress too!
She started running to assist her weight loss progression.  Knowing that running was the most effective way to burn a lot of calories.  She signed up for a running class with her best friend and they jumped in with both feet - in January, in Minnesota, in January!  

She ran her first 5K in the middle of March, ran another 5K in April, ran her first 10K in May, etc, etc.  This past October was pretty epic for this lady - she ran her first 10 mile race on Oct 2nd and ran her first half marathon on Oct 29.  Again, feeling pretty bad ass.  So, how do you top off the badassery of those two races? 

Thank you for asking....

You sign up for a FULL MARATHON! 
Yes, that is right folks, I have registered and paid for my first full marathon.  I will be training for and running the Fargo Full Marathon on May 19th.  How is that for badassery!?!?  

I can't wait to blog about this adventure.  I am still working out the particulars of my training plan - I am going to use a mix of Hal Higdon's plan and Jeff Galloway's plan.  I am pretty pumped.  I wanted to share this with all of you as soon as I made it official.  I can't wait to experience the highs and lows that come with training for and running a marathon!


Let the countdown begin! 

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