Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for Change

It's Wednesday night, Thanksgiving Eve to be exact, I am sitting here attempting to put a Thankful blog post together when I should probably be in bed so I can get up early and run a Thanksgiving 5K in the morning. 

I am still trucking along with the no diet soda thing - 10 days in and I am doing well, haven't even craved one in two days.  Tonight I am thankful for water, tea, and Gatorade - they have saved me! 

I have gotten my workouts in this week despite lacking my normal workout partner.  My friend Jen had surgery last week and will not be able to work out for quite awhile so I am on my own.  I was going to write a whole post whining about that situation and how hard it is to get up at 5AM to go workout by myself, but decided it was a silly thing to whine about.  I am fortunate to have friends that I can count on to workout with - and I will be calling on others to make sure I stay on track while I am flying solo!

I am thankful that one year ago I decided to make a change.  I chose me, I chose to change my life and start living it!  I started running and haven't looked back.  I like the person that I have become.  I like that I put my health first.  I like that I take time out of my schedule for me - to get a run in, to get to the gym.  Making all of these choices has made me a better wife and mother.  And I would like to think it has also run over in to my professional life as well.  I have not taken a sick day in at least 8 months and I think that was for a migraine that I couldn't shake.  Making my health a priority has been one of the best choices I could make for me and my family. 

I am thankful for my husband and two little girls.  It's hard to imagine what my life would be if the three of them were not a part of it.  I fell in love with my husband, I fell even more in love with my daughter Zoe and didn't think I could possibly have more love to give until I met my daughter Ava.  My heart has tripled in size with the addition of each of them to my life.  And for that I will be forever thankful.

I am thankful for my mom, dad, step mom, MIL and FIL - we are so lucky to have the best parents.  Our parents have turned in to the most amazing grandparents and for that I am thankful on a daily basis.  We have turned to each one of our parents over the last several years and they have come through for us and beyond on every occasion.  They take care of our girls and enrich their lives with every moment they spend together.  I remind myself and my husband every day that we can not take for granted the roles that our parents play in our lives.  I am thankful every day with the blessing of our daughters' grandparents. 

I am thankful for my family and friends.  We have so many wonderful people in our lives it would take an entire blog post to thank all of them personally.  I personally have felt so much support from so many people on this journey to lose the weight and get healthy and it's been overwhelming at times.  So, thank
you to all of those that have supported me over the last year, it has meant more than I could possibly explain to you. 

Tomorrow morning I am running the Challenge Charities GivingThanks 5K at Lake Como.  I get to run a 5K with my dad, step mom, aunt, and many friends that I have made this year.  I am so happy that I get to do this with my dad - a year ago he was sick and nobody could tell us why.  This year he is going to be running/walking a 5K and for that I could not be more thankful.  He is happy and healthy - what a blessing!

I met this amazing yogi at my first hot yoga class last week - this was one of my favorite things he had to say that night -  "Imagine what can BE, if you bring PASSION to your possibility?"   Pretty awesome, right?  I haven't completely decided what I think this "means" for me yet, but I was truly inspired by his soul and can't wait to go back for another class.  I have a blog post in the works on this topic.  I have been bit by the yoga bug!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Enjoy your time with friends and family.  Soak it all in - live for today! 
Be happy and healthy friends!

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