Monday, September 26, 2011

6 days and counting...

So, we have been busy around these parts.  Last weekend on Saturday I set out for the longest run I would go on prior to the TC 10 Mile race coming up.  Melissa, Tracy, Nicole and I headed to St. Paul to run the last 5 miles of the 10 Mile Course - we started at the "Finish" and ran the 5 miles down Summit Ave - got to the bottom of the hill (where there was a portapotty - thank you City of St Paul for that placement!) and turned around and made our way back up the hill and back to where the finish line will be at the Capitol.  It was very reassuring to all of us that we were able to run 10 miles and having ran what has been described as the most difficult part of the course - that Summit has an incline that can creep up on you - was a victory for all of us!  We had a great time - lots of chatting was done, checking out the cool houses on Summit, running past the College Club where Rob and I were married - and we still got the 10 miles done in 1:47.  Not too shabby!

Now we have less than a week before race day and I am working on remembering how good it felt to come down John Ireland Blvd and kick the legs in a little bit and finish strong.  I have been having some "hip" pain the last few weeks.  I am seeing a massage therapist who has been working my legs out really well and they feel good but not 100%.  My left hamstrings are really tight and they flare up pretty quickly.  Melissa and I got out on Saturday morning for a quick jaunt around Lake Calhoun - it felt good to get out there - I had only ran on the treadmill since our 10 mile run the weekend before.  My leg was definitely sore after but nothing like it was a week ago.  I am seeing my therapist again this Friday for a tune up before race day on Sunday.  I have decided to forgo running for the remainder of the week - even short ones.  There is nothing that I can do in the next five days on the running path that will help the outcome of the race on Sunday - in fact, I think taking the five days off from running will probably do more good at this point.  I have not taken this much time off from running so it will be weird, but I really feel good about the decision. 

I am really excited for the upcoming TC 10 Mile - this is the largest race I have been involved in and can't wait to see how it all unfolds.  We will be hitting up the Health and Fitness Expo on Saturday at the St Paul RiverCentre.  Hal Higdon is going to be there as a featured speaker and I really hope we get a chance to hear him - I have read a lot of his articles and have incorporated some of his tips into my training program so it would be cool to see him in person.  My friend Jen is also speaking at the Expo on Saturday so it will be a full day!

I am kind of a dork because I really think it's cool that my friends and I are part of the TC Marathon weekend.  This is a big deal for the TC running community and to be able to take it all in is a big honor.  I think I have really found a great community here in the Cities for running and I look forward to meeting many more runners and continuing to learn from those that have been out there doing this for years! 

If you are wanting to keep track of me or anyone else you know that is running the 10 Mile or Marathon on Sunday go to this website and you can set your phone up to get text updates - pretty cool!!!  I am in Corral 3 and my estimated start time is 7:15AM.

This week my main focus is to stay positive, try not to cry when I think about running 10 miles in 6 short days, and to have a great time!  Because a year ago I would have never dreamed I would be running a 10 mile race and actually feel physically prepared for it.  I have learned that just about anything is possible if you want it bad enough.  On Sunday, I am going to show how bad I want it and I am going to have a great time doing it! 

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