Saturday, July 23, 2011

Checking In!

I have not melted yet...Mother Nature gave it her best shot this week but I am still here.  This past week or so has been pretty crazy with work, the family and running - and attempting not to melt!  I am officially on vacation from work until August 1st and am looking forward to some quality family time.  My nephew is here visiting from Washington so we plan to soak up as much time together as we can - his stay always feels too short!  He, however has grown a foot since the last time I saw him - he's going to be a tall kid!!!! 

I got some crazy awesome news yesterday!  I was selected in the lottery for the Medtronic TC 10 Mile race on October 2nd.  I am so excited.  This is going to be a great next step for me in my running journey.  I really wanted to get in to this particular race, it's a big one around here and the whole weekend is cool because it all leads up to the TC Marathon.  I am sure there will be inspiring and amazing people every where I look that day - I can't wait!  I had already started amping up my mileage in anticipation of running a 10 mile this fall - but now it is time to get serious.  I am also planning to run a half marathon at the end of October so this 10 mile will be a great test for that race!  The best news of all is that not only did I get in but so did many of my close friends - it will be so great to be at the start with familiar faces! 

I went for a great early morning run today with Alexa and Jen.  It was really humid and muggy this morning.  We took it slow and hammered out 7.1 miles doing some 5:1s and I feel great.  We ran Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun today - despite the heat it was a popular place this morning!  It is really fun to know that I live in an area that fitness and health are such a priority to people - and I am finally one of them!  The skies let loose on my way home, so we finished our run with perfect timing!

Alexa, Jen and I after our run this morning!
I am happy to say that my weight has stayed relatively the same - I have gained a little and lost a little over the last few weeks - but that is exactly what maintenance should be about, right?  I really love that I am not stressed over the scale anymore - it's more about the feeling I have each day.  I am still aware of the scale because I continue to go to Weight Watchers Meetings but I am not obsessed with it - and that is a feeling I relish.  It took me a long time to get here and I hope its not hard to stay here. 

I have a few blog post ideas brewing in my head and have notes jotted down in my new trusty "blog ideas" notebook.  I am going to unplug for a few days while I am with my family but I intend on coming back from vacation ready to blog and continue to invest in my healthiness. 

Have a great, happy and healthy weekend my friends!

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