Friday, June 17, 2011

Weight loss update

Hello all!
Not sure if you have noticed but I haven't talked a ton about my weight loss since I reached my WW goal a few weeks ago.  I had a week where I gained a little bit and I have had some weeks that I have lost a little.  I am now as of yesterday 5 pounds under my WW goal and would like to lose about 5 more pounds to get to MY goal!  Yesterday was the first day of my LAST WEEK of maintenance for WW.  Next Wednesday I will be awarded my Lifetime status at Weight Watchers.  I honestly did not think I would ever get to this point in my journey, let alone 9 months in to it.  My current total weight loss is 69.8 pounds.  I am really hoping for that .2, maybe more to be gone by next week so I can hit the 70 pound and Lifetime milestones in the same week.  This whole experience has been kind of surreal for me.  I still look at pictures of myself before and can't believe I allowed myself to get that big and unhealthy.  It's amazing how much you can fool yourself in to thinking it's not that bad.  Even some of my family members have commented that they really didn't consider me to be "fat" back then but seeing me now it's obvious that there is a huge difference.  Fortunately for me the huge differences are not just the number on the scale.  I have more energy and more determination than I have had in a VERY long time. 
When I look in the mirror now I see the woman that I always knew was inside of me, I have finally set her free and she is loving every minute of it! 
Melissa and I are running our second 10K this weekend at the Fill Their Plate (Kids Against Hunger) event at Lake Calhoun tomorrow morning.  If you are bored at 8AM tomorrow come by and cheer all of the runners on! 
Have a great and healthy weekend friends!

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