Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't Go Anywhere!

I am still here!  I promise that I didn't just run a 10K race and then decide I was done with this whole journey! 
Quick recap:
  • WW Weigh in 5/4 - I only needed to lose .4 pounds to make my WW goal - I GAINED .6 - thus not making my WW goal.  I was annoyed for a little bit but was reminded of how far I have come, what I have accomplished over the last 7-8 months and was able to move on. 
  • I have been logging as many miles as I can possibly get in as I am participating in a challenge over at PriorFatGirl.  I haven't done a lot of long runs lately - but trying to get in miles every day!
I went to Las Vegas on Sunday 5/8 for a work conference.  I was there Sunday until early Thursday morning.  It was a long trip - I will do a post about that because we went golfing on Sunday and it was too fun and too funny to not earn its very own post!  I missed my girls and husband a lot while I was gone - but all three of them were well taken care of while I was gone, so that was comforting.

I missed my WW meeting on Wednesday since I was in Vegas.  I did go to a meeting on Friday morning though - I didn't want to wait a whole week before weighing in again.  I was ready to face the music, I had just been in Vegas for 5 days - I only ran once, I ate pretty well (but its hard to know exactly, all of the time) and I drank (beer)!  Well, evidently all of the walking we did paid off because I actually lost 1.2 pounds while in Vegas.  So, at a different meeting, a different weigh in - I made my WW goal weight.  My mom was with me cause she needed to weigh in early before she left on vacation the next day.  I opted not to stay for the meeting so that I could go this week with Melissa and get my award and kudos from my regular meeting leader and have Melissa with me.  Hopefully I am still under that goal weight this week! 

I am back to reality and trying to get back in the swing of things.  I ran a 5K this past weekend and got a new personal record (a post on that later this week!). I am still logging miles so I can submit a good total for the PriorFatGirl/Polar Challenge.  I won't win but I it was fun to push myself! 

This post is all over the place but I wanted to get a quick post written so I didn't lose all of you!  I have a few posts brewing - Vegas recap, Shopping Experience, 5K Recap/PR, and maybe one with a bunch of pictures (just because my girls are SO CUTE!).

Have a great Tuesday friends!  Be happy and healthy!

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