Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, hello there!

Wow - I took quite the break from blogging!  I have been so busy with work, the kids, getting work outs in, etc.  I felt very disconnected from the online world for a bit - it was kind of nice, but I did enjoy catching up on my favorite blogs the last couple of days.  I like to hear about what everyone is up to - how many miles they are getting in, all of the clothes they are purging because they are shrinking, and leaving a comment to support and commiserate! 

So, my last post was an "I gained a pound, poor me" kind of a thing.  But, I have gotten over myself and realized it was just not that big of a deal.  I really buckled down last week and ate a little bit more on days when I worked out heavy (running days) and just did what I know I am supposed to do.  It really showed on the scale too!  At my WW meeting last Wed (4/13/11) I lost 3.8 pounds!  My new total weight loss is 62.2 pounds.  It was a great feeling to see that number on the scale - my lowest weight since I don't know when!  I am now 2.2 pounds away from my WW goal.  I don't necessarily think that this will be my final weight loss goal - but it's where I want to be so I can "maintain" for 6 weeks and make Lifetime member.  At that point I will no longer have to pay to go to WW!  I honestly didn't think that day would ever be a reality - but hear I am, almost there! 

My workouts and running have been going pretty well.  Melissa and I got a long run in a couple of Saturdays ago - we ran 5 miles, it took us just about an hour.  It really made us feel like the 10K was an actual possibility.  Last weekend, we ran in our second 5K race.  My uncle works for a great place in Prior Lake that was sponsored the Live Well Event.  The YMCA located next door hosted a 5K race that morning.  As some of you know - that live in MN - we got a coating of snow overnight last Friday in to Saturday morning.  It was chilly but mostly it was WINDY!  Every time we turned a corner we thought for sure that we would be out of the reach of the wind - but NO! there it was, ready to smack us in the face again.  Despite the conditions and the overall feeling that the run wasn't going all that well - we actually had a great time.  We crossed the finish at 31:20 - which is actually almost a full 2 minutes off our first 5K time.  It felt great even if we weren't feeling so hot! 

I definitely had some days last week that I was just not feeling it.  I had a bad cold for most of last week and skipped a couple of days of workouts.  It felt weird to say out loud that I was skipping a day, and then two - but it had to be done - my body was clearly telling me to rest and for once in my life I listened.  And when I got back on the wagon it definitely felt better.  I don't think I could have said that if I had just tried to plow through, half-assed during the week. 

I am back friends!  Ready to share how things are going - the good and the bad.  And I look forward to keeping tabs on all of my dear friends online too!  Keep keeping on friends!  Be healthy!

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