Friday, April 1, 2011

So close...

Happy Friday to you!  This has been one of the longest weeks I have had in a long time!  Lots going on at work - changes happening, month and quarter end - it was BUSY!!!!  I was still able to get in some activity this week - a couple of runs and plenty of DVD workouts.  Ate most meals at home during the week so controlling my food was fairly easy this week. 

I had my weigh in on Wednesday this week.  I was really hoping to keep up with my 2 pounds a week loss but came up a little short this week - I lost 1.6.  Which brings my total weight loss to 59.6 pounds.  I was anticipating breaking through the 60 pound mark -but will have to wait until next week I guess!  I set my official weight goal at Weight Watchers this week - it feels good - I am about 5.2 pounds away from that goal.  Although, I don't think I will be done losing weight.  But, this will get to me a comfortable weight, get me to maintenance mode at WW and then Lifetime.  I am thinking that another 5-10 pounds would still comfortably come off before I am officially done losing.  I guess it will really depend on how my body changes in the coming months with the working out and running I am doing.  My weak point is still my midsection - I don't have starry eyed dreams of having a wash board stomach but a little less fluff would sure be nice!  After all, I was obese, had two children and now have lost that weight - it's going to take some major work to get that stomach back in to shape. 

The training for the 10K coming up at the end of April is going well.  We are planning a longer run this weekend around the lakes in Mpls - hoping to get a strong 4 miles in.  I am still shocked every time I go running about how strong I feel and how much I don't actually hate it! 

I had a pretty awesome NSV (non-scale victory) yesterday.  We went to The Gap to try on some jeans and I ended up putting on my old stand bys - Long and Lean.  I tried on the same size I had at home just in a different wash - Missy told me to try on the next size down.  I thought she was crazy but obliged!  And lo and behold those jeans fit!  Yesterday at The Gap I bought myself a new pair of jeans and a pair of work pants in a size 10.  There are some that will read that and not realize what a big deal that actually is to me.  When I started this weight loss journey I was wearing a size 18 in most pants and I have gradually dropped since then.  I fully realize that I will not be a size 10 in every store that I could shop in - but as of today I am at The Gap and that feels pretty darn awesome!  Once again, I have to thank Missy for pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me realize that my clothes are not supposed to hang on me - and that a little "fit" in certain areas is a good thing!  

I am looking forward to a coffee and conversation event with some other bloggers on their own healthy living paths tomorrow morning.  The girls are spending the day and night with my mom tomorrow so the husband and I are having a date night!  It's been quite awhile since we have had a quiet night without the girls - it will be nice to reconnect.  And then Sunday, Missy and I will attempt to knock out those 4 miles - all in a day's work!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Be well and healthy friends! 

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