Friday, April 22, 2011

Pass the Excedrin, please!

I have had so many post ideas rolling around in my head lately but I just can't seem to put anything coherent on the page.  Which sort of leads to me a whole different post idea. 

I get migraines - and I used to get them A LOT.  When I was diagnosed with them about 8 years ago they gave me some crazy meds to handle them - those meds actually made me more sick than the actual migraine.  So, I said, thanks but no thanks and found over the counter meds that "helped".  I typically will take an Excedrin Migraine when I feel a headache coming on and that has worked for me. 
During my first pregnancy I got them a little more frequently and then after she was born they actually stopped and I didn't have one for almost 6 months.  I had a few during my second pregnancy but nothing that was intolerable and they were manageable.  They've been pretty infrequent again the last year until recently.
In the last few weeks I have had more than I count - none that I would classify as off the charts, but uncomfortable none the less.  They seem to come out of nowhere and do quite the number on my demeanor and desire to do anything physically active! 
I have been pretty inactive the last two days because I have had a headache for two days now.  I don't like to complain or whine - my girls can do that enough for all three of us (love them!) but I may be getting to the point where I may need to call in reinforcements! 
I am thinking I may need to schedule a full physical as I have not had one in a year or two.  Then I can let him decide if I need to have any other tests done to check things out.  I don't especially like going to the doctor - especially with our new insurance (I won't go there!) but it may be time for me to get a once over! 

So, I will resist the urge to whine and grab another Excedrin! 

Weigh in recap for the week:   I weighed in on Wed - lost .8 this week - not super impressive but after last week I was happy to show a negative number!  I am down 63.2 total.  That leaves me with 1.6 more to shed until I can start my 6 weeks of maintenance at WW.  I still haven't determined at what weight I will be content but I am starting to think that the number is going to be less significant than the inches are at this point.  My middle section is really the spot that still troubles me - and I think the running and weight training is going to be effective at minimizing that area - I just have to be patient!

I had a major NSV today that I would like to share.  We are going to the Twins game tomorrow and I have discovered recently all of my beloved Twins shirts and jersey are just too big for me.  So, I went to the Twins Pro Shop near Ridgedale today and got myself a brand new shirt.  It's a shirt actually designed for a woman (go figure!) and its a MEDIUM!  Yeah, I can hardly believe it.  Considering it feels like I was just wearing 2X days ago this was huge for me.  My friends have been great about encouraging me to try on things in smaller sizes because my brain and hand still grabs XL no matter what.  It felt really great to be on my own and know that I needed to try on the smaller size and actually buy it when I discovered it fit! 

Happy Earth Day and Good Friday friends!  Have a wonderful weekend and a nice Easter. 

Think of me tomorrow morning as I get out and run 5.5 miles in our beautiful spring weather (yeah, right!) - need to get a couple more long ones in before the official 10K next weekend! 
Be well peeps!

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