Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wow - where did that week go?

Hello everyone - I have been SO busy with work, kids, working out, etc I have been absent around these parts.  I did a bunch of catching up on my beloved blogs today and thought I better take the time to update my own while I was at it! 

I had a loss this week (3/2/11) but not a huge one - 0.6 pounds.  It brings my total weight loss to a nice round 51 pounds.  I had a couple of rough food days  - gave in to a couple of my chocolate cravings.  I am human.  That is the best part of this journey - you give in, make a mistake and MOVE ON!  Before losing this weight if I had a bad day or made a bad choice I would let that turn in to a reason to just keep making bad choices.  Now, I am so aware and know that if I slip up, it's okay, I need to fix it with the very next choice.  For me, that has been a huge hurdle to jump over and I really feel good about my progress. 

My running is going really well.  I have had a hard time getting in my runs during the week but despite that I have done well on my Saturday runs with my running group.  Today, 6 of us ladies ran together and we went out for a 34 minute run.  I haven't mapped it yet but it had to be about 2.5-2.8 miles.  Being able to complete these runs is really making me feel better about the 5K we are running on 3/20/11.  We are going to participate in the Human Race in St. Paul.  My goal for the next two weeks is to get my mid-week runs in NO MATTER WHAT.  Last week I let my work schedule and several other things dictate whether or not I could run, and of course the NOT managed to win. 

I had pre-ordered a copy of Jillian Michael's new DVD - Ripped in 30 a few weeks ago.  It came out this Tuesday and arrived in my mailbox that very day (thank you Amazon) when I got home from work.  I was so excited to throw it in and try it but didn't manage to get around to it until last night.  Yes, on Friday night at 9pm I did a new workout DVD.  It's a very exciting life I lead!!!  I have to tell you - I was expecting just a jazzed up version of 30 Day Shred but instead I got a totally new, fresh, intense workout.  The concept is still the same - 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs and 3 circuits in a workout.  The difference is it is split in to FOUR different workouts, to be done for one week each.  The Week One workout had a couple of familiar moves from 30 Day Shred but mixed in with some new stuff.  It was really good and I look forward to having a new weapon in my arsenal.  Now that I have about 10-12 pounds left to lose I suspect they are going to be the hardest 10-12 pounds I have had to shed so switching things up a bit may be just what I need.  I will try and keep you posted as to how this one goes - when I actually decide to go to the next level and how hard that next level is when I get there! 

My clothes are starting to get too big again.  My options for tops is very limited and my pants are starting to loosen up on me too.  May need to make a visit to the outlet mall or consignment shop to get some items that fit me correctly until I am in my "forever" sizes!  I got a new running jacket last weekend at REI and I wore it running today for the first time - it was so comfortable to run in and really made feel like a real runner! 

That about sums things up for me this last week or so. I am feeling good about the last few days, I have gotten some good workouts in, my run this morning felt really good and my eating has been on track since Wednesday.

One last note before I go.  I attended a funeral on Friday (3/4/11) for a wonderful, amazing, strong and beautiful woman.  She was a good friend to me in college, we hadn't seen each other in quite some time but kept in touch through some mutual friends and Facebook.  She had been battling cancer since 2005 and the cancer finally took over and we all lost our dear friend last week.  She taught me so many things back in our college days - she was a couple of years older than me and she was smart so I listened to her when she had advice to give or thoughts on a subject.  She was a good friend to so many and there were many broken hearts at the service yesterday - but we all have so many memories, the smile on her face, the sound of her laugh and the face of her adorable son to hold on to.  I strongly dislike cancer and its hard to understand why something like this could happen to a person with so much to give, so much left to be done and so much love in her heart.  I won't waste time trying to figure it out, what I will do instead is try to live my life the way she did - loving my family and friends, not taking any moments for granted and treating others the way you want to be treated.  When the day comes and I am no longer here on this Earth I truly hope that people will be able to say about me, at least HALF of the things that they were able to say about Angie yesterday.  Even though she was not a daily fixture in my life anymore - I will truly miss her.  But, I am comforted knowing she is no longer in pain and that she is in a better place, alongside her mother and they both will be watching over her little boy. 

Be well friends!

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