Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night Musings

It's Friday night, the girls are asleep and I really should go to sleep.  But here I am, jotting down a couple of things I accomplished today (thank you for the inspiration Ann). 

Normally I work from home on Fridays but today I had an important meeting that I wanted to be physically present for so I went in to the office.  My new boss invited me to lunch and we went to Umbria (pizza buffet - yikes!) to eat.  So, my win at lunch was that I had ONE piece of pizza and a mixed greens salad with a little bit of Italian dressing.  It felt good to go to a place I haven't been in months and be in control and feel good about the choices I made while I was there! 

This afternoon I got out for a quick run - only had about 20-25 minutes to get it done before the man left for work.  I headed out on my normal route from the house, I had intended to follow my running program today and do two sets of 10 min run and 1 min walk.  At about the 8 minute point I decided to just keep going until I felt like I HAD to stop.  All of a sudden I was 15 minutes in and I was feeling pretty good.  At this point in my training I haven't done any runs over 34 minutes (roughly 2.8 miles) and I have been pretty diligent about following the 10 and 1 training program.  It has seemed to really work for me, I have been injury free and have built up some endurance - slowly, but its definitely increasing.  Back to today's run, I ended up doing a 1.8 mile loop back to the house in 20 minutes and I ran the entire thing - NO one minute walk break for me today.  I felt really invigorated after my run and more confident than ever that I will be just fine next weekend during my first 5K race.  I know a lot of people can run for 20 minutes straight with their eyes closed, but this was a pretty big deal for me today.  For the last 10 weeks I have really concentrated on following this running program and I am glad I did.  If I am not careful I just may be able to call myself a runner pretty soon!  

During this healthiness journey I have really tried to break out of my old standbys in the nutrition category.  At the beginning I was eating a lot of the same things because I knew the nutrition value and it was easy - I didn't have to stress about what I was going to cook all of the time.  The last couple of months I have gotten a little braver and have started trying some new things.  For me the biggest change I have made is introducing shrimp in to my routine.  I have never really been a seafood person - I like tilapia and salmon - that was about as seafoody as I got!  Even as a teenager on a trip to Maine with my family I had the opportunity to eat lobster so fresh I swear they had just pulled them out of the water and I couldn't do it.  First of all, it was way too much work and it grossed me out and I have not tried it again since.  Lately I have started cooking shrimp at least once a week and when I am eating out I tend to select dishes with grilled shrimp in them!  The nutrition benefits of shrimp are even better than I had thought - they are a great source of several vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and some good cholesterol.  Who knew?  I am going to try and keep introducing new foods to my diet - so far its been pretty fun experimenting with new food and recipes.

These are a few of my accomplishments today (this week).  Nothing mind blowing but just a few more things to remind me of where I started and how far I have come.  And for me that is what it is all about!

Have a great weekend friends - be well and healthy! 

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