Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day off and a weigh in...

No work for me today, my in laws are on vacation and they normally take the girls on Wednesday so I opted to take the day off and hang with my girls.  Truth be told I was a little anxious about it because Wed is my weigh in day I normally do that at the WW by my office.  So, plan B it was!  We went to lunch with my mom and sister-in-law in Burnsville so I was able to swing by the WW center that my mom goes to and weigh in there. 

Good news folks - I lost 3 pounds this week!  This loss brings my total to 54 pounds.  According to my calculations that leaves me with about 10 pounds to go to hit my goal weight!  It is very surreal to be so close to the "end" because I know in my head it's not really the end.  I know that my journey of maintaining a healthy weight will always be front and center for me, it has to be.  I will always read nutrition labels, be aware of fat, carbs, fiber and protein and take care with everything I put in my body - or at least I will be trying to do that.  While I have been in losing weight mode I am hyper aware of all of those things right now and my plan is to be just as aware once I am maintaining.  But, just like right now, life happens and I will make choices that work for me in the moment. 

I have seen some varying opinions lately about Weight Watchers on some of the blogs I read.  I think it's great, I think the more people discuss a topic the more we learn from each other.  Not everyone believes in WW the way I do and that is okay.  If there is one thing I have learned through this process, it is that, not all programs work for everybody - we are all so different and require different paths.  I found myself really troubled with some of the thoughts people had about WW and I couldn't figure out why - it doesn't matter what other people think about it - it works for me so get over it.  And that's when it clicked - IT WORKS FOR ME.  I am quick to defend WW because it is working for me, I have changed my eating habits, I have changed my activity level and it all started on Sept 23, 2010 when I joined WW.  So, even though I was perfectly rational and understood that some don't think as highly of the program as I do, because we all have to find what works for us, I still felt the need to defend a little bit because I am so happy and proud that it has worked for me.  Ironically, one of the bloggers that had a different opinion to mine is someone I had not read before - but because of one post I have found a new blog to read and she is a runner and I can't wait to read more from her and learn from her. 

We are getting very close to running the first 5K of the season - Human Race in St Paul on March 20th.  I am actually very excited - RIGHT NOW - I am sure as I get closer the nerves will creep up.  I have my last "learn to run" running clinic this Saturday at the Running Room.  I am already all set to sign up for the next class.  Some may wonder why I would need to continue taking the class but for me it's all about accountability - I like knowing that at least once a week I will have a fellow group of runners to meet up with.  That is worth the registration fee in my book! 

I feel really great about this week - my food and activity were on point.  I am really looking forward to taking this momentum in to the next few weeks and seeing how quickly I can get to the maintenance status at WW.  I do know that these last 10 pounds are going to be tough - but I am ready for the challenge. 

I mentioned starting the new Jillian Michaels DVD "Ripped in 30" on my last post.  It's intense!  I was so sore after the first workout it was crazy - my triceps and hamstrings hurt so bad! I have done it a few more times and feel better now.  According to her recommendation I should be starting week two of the program on Friday - color me nervous! 

That's all I have for today friends!  Be happy and healthy!

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