Wednesday, March 16, 2011

25% and counting

This is going to be a quick one today.  I have a couple of ideas rolling around in my head for some other posts but want to give them spotlight attention!  So, today I will update you on my weekly weigh in. 

I lost 2 pounds this week!  Putting me at a total of 56 pounds lost.  I still haven't set my goal weight at WW - and I know I should soon because in my head I am about 8-10 pounds away.  It's funny as I get closer each week I ask myself - well, maybe I would rather be at such and such weight instead of stopping at such and such weight!  It's a tough decision but one I am in complete control of so I feel good about that. 

What I really wanted to tell you about though, what I am most proud of and excited about is this: since Sept 23, 2010 I have lost 25% of my body weight!  What?  That is the craziest thing and I can barely comprehend it to tell you the truth.  Today at my meeting we talked about all of the good changes that happen when you shed 10% so I can just imagine the improvements I have made shedding almost three times that much! 

I am gearing up to run my first 5K on Sunday with my best friend - we have gone through this weight loss journey together, joined the Running Room run clinic together and look forward to so many more years of healthy living with our kids!  If you are going through this journey and you are not sure you can do it on your own - call a friend, a brother, a sister in law, a parent - and do it together!  I swear it makes such a difference.  And if you are not comfortable asking someone that is currently in your daily life - get online, find a weight loss blogger that inspires you and has similar goals - you will make online friends and the support they provide is amazing as well.  I am so fortunate to have both support systems in place and I know that it has been key to my success thus far. 

With that my friends, go forth and be healthy!  And think of me this evening as I go splashing through my neighborhood running - like the wind!  Haha - okay, maybe not like the wind - but you get the idea!

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