Thursday, February 24, 2011


So, I hadn't planned to post today - still reveling in my 50 pounds and being sore from a new workout I discovered - more on that later.  But, I read a great post on PriorFatGirl today. 

As many of you know I originally started this blog to document my time with the girls and then life got in the way and I let it go.  When I started my healthiness journey I was doing a lot of reading on the web and found some very cool blogs that were very inspirational.  I was compelled to start writing again.  This blog has been and will always be for me - I don't write here to be famous or to inspire people or to compare myself with anyone else.  I write here because it's a healthy outlet for me on the days I don't know whats happening in my head, on the days I want to celebrate and on the days I want to give up.  What I have found by doing all of that has been an amazing support system of people that are part of my "real life" and from people who are part of my online circle (some of which I have met in real life as well).  I could not be happier with the reaction I have gotten from my writing - it pushes me, it reminds me that people are watching and holds me accountable. 

Today on Jen's blog she has a guest post from another very inspirational blogger.   It was a great day for a reminder of why we all do this.  If you have a few minutes this post is worth a read - even not knowing all of the back story - it's a story of inspiration and what a community/bond that those on this healthiness journey can form.  Take a moment if you are so inclined and click this link and enjoy! 

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