Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Still Here!

It has been a wild and crazy week - well, not so much wild, but pretty busy!  It's tough to get wild when you have two kids, 3 and under! 
I had a another good weigh in this week - lost 1.4 - total lost goes to 48.2!  So, I am really hoping I can reach that 50 mark next week - we'll see, I have been averaging about 1-1.6 each week so it might be pushing it - but I'd like to get close!  It still boggles my mind that I have lost almost 50 pounds! 

I have had some great workouts since my last post about lacking motivation.  My running program is going really well.  I have even stepped up what I was "supposed" to be doing just to see what I was capable of.  One day last week I didn't have much time to get out running so I just put my shoes on went - I was only supposed to do 5 minutes run/1 minute walk for 25 minutes - instead I decided at the 5 minute mark to just keep going and see how long I lasted.  I ran for 13 minutes without taking a walk break and got in 1.25 miles.  And it felt pretty good.  The next run I went out and did a 10 minute run before I took a one minute walk break, and then did another 6 minute run before heading back in so Rob could go to work.  I am definitely still building up my endurance but it feels good.  Yesterday at our running clinic I was able to go out with the 5K ladies (they have already done the Learn to Run class and have already run a 5K) on their workout.  I went 10 minute run/1minute walk/10 minute run/1 minute walk/10 minute run/1 minute walk - yes, you read that correctly I completed their workout with them and didn't have to stop and pass out!  I was so happy and it felt so great to be able to keep up with them and finish.  I still have a ways to go to actually complete a 5K run but I am feeling more and more like I am actually capable of doing it!  It was a great way to start a busy Saturday! 

Rob and I helped my brother and sister-in-law move out of their rental house yesterday.  It was cold but we worked fast and got them to a spot in their move that they could handle the rest by themselves!  They just needed me around for my massive muscles!  Haha! 

I had the opportunity to go to dinner last night at Chino Latino in Uptown with some wonderful friends.  Our friend just turned 30 this week and we had to celebrate!  I have been to Chino but have never actually eaten there - wow!  The food was amazing and for dessert we all shared the Mango Spice Cake - it was so awesome!  It was a great night of conversation and laughs! 

Today we went to my Rob's sister's house to celebrate our oldest niece's birthday!  She is one of my most favorite kids - she is so smart, beautiful and caring - she is so great with both of my girls!  I have loved being around to watch her grow up thus far and can't wait to see the kind of teenager/young adult she turns in to - she is just fabulous! 

I have another post brewing in my head - it was spurred by a comment from one of my fellow WW members at our meeting this past week and then a conversation I had with some people on Wednesday night.  I am hoping to get it formulated on "paper" tonight or sometime tomorrow.  I think it's an interesting but "hot" topic! 

I hope you all are hunkered down with this snow storm we are supposed to be getting - so far its not real impressive - sort of hoping that all of the meteorologists were wrong! 

Be well and take care!

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Ann said...

Great job with the loss! You are doing fantastic!! :) And - you are a running superstar!!