Thursday, February 10, 2011

Struggling to Sweat

First, I want to take an opportunity to thank all of you that read and/or commented on my last post.  It was a post that I had written in my head so many times but never had the strength or courage to actually publish it!  I have focused so much on the "number" for so many years it was very liberating to just get it out there and move on.  So, thank you for indulging me, I probably won't make a point to continue to say "today I weigh XXX pounds" - you will have to do the math!  :)  I am honestly hoping that this will help me not be so focused on the "number" and just be able to focus on being healthy and happy! 

On to other business - yesterday was weigh in day!  I lost 1.2 pounds this week, bringing total pounds lost to 46.8.  It's slow and steady which I guess is a good thing right?  They say the slower you lose it the better the chances of keeping it off, I am trying really hard to believe "they"! 

This week has been a rough one for me personally - lots going on around me and finding it hard to find my focus and stay motivated.  My workouts have really taken a beating this week.  I am struggling with getting up in the morning before work to get them in (not sleeping well) and am exhausted at night and struggling with getting them in then.  I haven't completely ditched them but there have been several times this week when I have made the decision that I am not the most proud of.  I tend to be pretty hard on myself when it comes to this kind of stuff and I am really trying to ease up but its tough.  My head knows what I need to do so now I just need to make sure my heart is listening too! 

So, I am proclaiming it here to all of you - I am going to do better, I am going to make the time for myself this week.  I am going to work out and feel the burn - not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to! 

Have a great week friends!  Be well!

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Ann said...

Some weeks are great and some are not so great!! Either way, I think your insight and plan for this next week are fabulous!! And congrats on the loss!!!