Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Weigh in day!  I lost 2.2 pounds this week which brings me to a total of 50.4 pounds lost!  Yes, you read that right, I have lost 50 pounds!!!  I can hardly believe it!  This has been an unbelievable 22 weeks - the changes I have made mentally and physically are here to stay and I am happy about that.  I definitely have days that are harder than others, days when working out is not real high on my list, but being able to say that I have lost this weight and continue to make healthy decisions is the absolute best part. 

The other day I was walking through Eden Prairie Center with Rob and the girls, I glanced over to the left and did a double take.  There in the reflection of a store window was my profile, my new profile - I barely recognized myself!  My heart, my mind is all still definitely me - just happier and healthier.  But this new body - this body that I have chosen to take care of and fuel in the appropriate way is definitely different!  I have a spring in my step, I look forward to getting down on the floor with my girls and playing, and I have a smile on my face - more often than not.  Often you will hear people say that when they lose weight they are only making physical changes - I would tend to disagree.  This journey, thus far, has actually been more mental than physical.  I had to do a lot of re-learning and re-training of my brain.  This mental part will be part of my journey forever - always staying aware of what I am putting in my body and making the best decisions for me.  As one of my favorite bloggers says ( it's "One bite at a time, one decision at a time".  I wear my pink bracelet with this phrase on it every day - it's such a great reminder, every time I reach for something it's a visual reminder.  It makes me pause and think - "am I really hungry, do I really need it or do I just want it?". 

I still have some more weight that I would like to lose but I am so close I can taste it!  And once I get there I really look forward to staying there and making all of these changes a permanent way of life.  I look forward to continuing the active and healthy lifestyle with my daughters and husband. 

I would like to take a moment to send out a big thank you to all of my family and friends that have supported me through this first 50 pounds!  Every single person that reads here, reads on FB and has sent me good thoughts and congrats - your support means so much and has been key to my success.  Knowing that sharing my journey with all of you may have inspired just one other person to get up off the couch or to put down the french fries - makes all of this so worth it! 

Be healthy and happy my friends - it's a great club to be a part of!

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