Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PriorFatGirl Event and weekend recap

This past weekend was full of activity.  On Friday night Zoe had her first concert at school.  She only goes to daycare (school) one day a week and has recently moved in to the preschool room there so she had only been practicing with her class for a couple of weeks,  but she did awesome.  That was her first time in the front of a big room with all of those people looking at her!  She actually sang the songs and was only visibly nervous for the first one, she warmed up for sure!  The grandparents, Ava and I took Zoe out to dinner at Applebee's afterwards to celebrate - it was a great evening!  The only piece missing was Rob - he works Friday nights so reluctantly had to miss it. 

Saturday morning was exciting for me - I attended the One Breath, One Step event held by PriorFatGirl, Jen at The Beat Coffeehouse in Minneapolis.  I was pretty nervous because I attended the seminar by myself.  I walked in to the coffeehouse all alone and of course all I noticed was the other people that were there with their friends.  I "knew" a lot of the people there from their blogs and twitter handles, but had not met any of them in person before.  There were two speakers - Paul, a nutritionist/Personal Trainer from Lifetime Fitness and Stacy from Kitchenwerks. 

I really enjoyed Paul's talk - it was nice that he didn't just stand up there and tell us all to eat more vegetables - as if we all don't know that already!  Some of the key points from Paul's presentation were:
  • Meals are balanced: should contain protein, fat and carbs.
  • Meals are real: reduce artificial ingredients and processed foods - one at a time
  • Meals are not small: if we are nourishing ourselves properly our meals should be filling
  • Hydration: we should be taking 1/2 our body weight in water every day - The Solution To Pollution is Dilution (words to live by)
  • Fat, Fiber and Protein satisfy me!
  • Influencing your internal environment - what messages are you sending to your body?
  • Make time every day to learn something
  • Weight loss is a side effect, not result, of living life differently
Stacy from Kitchenwerks was up next.  She had some great ideas for getting more veggies in to our daily meals.  Great tips for getting more veggies past your kids!  Grinding up vegetables to super small pieces and sprinkling them on dishes can even fool grown ups!  Getting kids in the kitchen and participating more in food prep will encourage them to eat it and be proud of it! 

Jen, the original PriorFatGirl also got up and talked to us a bit.  Jen has lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for more than two years.  I think I am actually more impressed and inspired by the fact that she has kept it off, than the actual getting it off- hopefully that doesn't sound bad.  She talked about the things that she has had to keep in the forefront of her mind over the years - while losing and while maintaining. 
  • Take Responsibility for your Life - you got to this spot, get yourself out
  • Make your own Success - celebrate the victories
  • Take away the power of "restrictions" - make decisions, not restrictions (personal favorite)
  • Throw your tantrums and move on
  • Acknowledge everything GOOD and BAD
I was able to meet some really awesome people on Saturday.  Some were just starting their journey, others have been on the journey for a bit and have some great success, and others are on the maintenance end of the journey but still deal every day with the healthy decisions they make.  I met one gal in particular that is a 5K running machine - she and her husband ran 12 - 5Ks last year!  I am really looking forward to running a race with her sometime this year.  I was so inspired and energized when I left The Beat on Saturday.  Thank you to Jen for throwing a great get together - I can't wait for the next one!

I also got to meet the one of the sweetest little baby boys on Saturday afternoon.  My long time, dear friend Carly and her husband had a little boy about 6 weeks ago and I FINALLY got over there to meet him.  Oh my word - he smelled so good (just love that baby smell) and was so snuggly and sweet.  I honestly could have sat there all day and just held him!  Babies just melt my heart!

Saturday night we dropped the girls off at Nana and Papa's house and headed out for a night out with our friends.  I went to a girls night in at my friend Jessica's house and Rob went to the boy version party at Ben's house.  So, the girls were at one house and the boys were at another!  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I just love the time I get to spend with my girlfriends.  I get to sit back, enjoy some dinner, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the laughter and friendship.  Thank you my dear friends for a wonderful evening!

Sunday morning I picked up my girls and headed to breakfast with Grandma Sharon, Uncle Matt, Auntie Tanya and Shawn.  We enjoyed some pancakes at the VFW Pancake breakfast - my grandpa makes the cake mix so you know they were delicious! 
The girls and I also went to visit my friend Tracy and her family.  Tracy had a baby in August, but because he was born premature we have not had the kids together for awhile, trying to make sure we didn't baby boy sick!  The girls were so excited to play with Tracy's girls and had a great time.  I was excited to get to hold baby boy for awhile - he is so sweet and snuggly (twice in one weekend!) and I just love him! 

In case you were wondering - I did have to miss my running clinic on Saturday but I was able to get in a couple of runs during the week.  I am going to really try and get a couple in this week before we have class again on Saturday - I don't want to get too far behind!  It's going to be REALLY cold here this week but I will do my best to suck it up and get out there! 
I am also doing a new Jillian DVD right now - No More Trouble Zones - it's intense and I really like it. I have also decided to throw in her ab DVD and do that one at night so I will be getting a couple of smaller workouts in for the day.  So far, so good! 
Weigh in tomorrow so I will have an update tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning.  I am really hoping for a loss of 1.6 or more so I can break that 40 pound mark this week!  We shall see!

Be well!

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