Monday, January 3, 2011

I am a Runner???

So, if we are friends on FB you already may have seen that I have signed up for a running clinic. In other words, I have LOST MY MIND! Now, it's not that I have never run before or don't know how to run, but in my previous life running was never something I did because I wanted to, I did it because I HAD to! Training for softball usually required some sort of distance running and the forever dreaded sprints - but in my younger years that was fine and I did it, I had to! Now I am choosing to run, which I am hoping will actually make it more appealing in the long run. This is my choice and I choose to run.

I have a lot of friends and family that LOVE to run. I have never fully understood it, but I do know the high you can get from a great workout and I look forward to that "runners high" people speak so fondly of.

My friend Missy and I are going to do the running clinic together which is awesome because it means I have no wiggle room! I can't wake up on Saturday morning and decide that I don't want to go - I love accountability! And the chances of waking up some Saturday morning in January or February and not wanting to get up and go outside and run is highly likely! Yes, this running clinic has about 30-40 minutes of "class" and then you go for a run after - OUTSIDE! I am taking it all in stride and using the cold weather running as an excuse to purchase a couple of new pieces of workout gear! Under Armour has a nice selection of Cold Gear apparel, I actually picked up a shirt at REI last weekend - it's cute and I am excited to wear it! If you have any other suggestions for staying warm out there please share!

The thing I am actually most nervous about is actually liking this whole experience. I know all of the health benefits, etc of running so I am really hoping that this is something that I can work in to my workout routine and actually enjoy!

Stay tuned, as I am sure there will be lots of updates and/or whining about the running clinic!

Happy New Year All!


Tonya Paro said...

Good luck. I love running and never thought I would say that. I used to be like you and did it only because I had to do it. I do know that the treadmill is still not for me so that is used only as a last resort. No good tips for keeping warm other than getting the gear. You'll warm up as you get going. I often took my gloves off mid run even in the dead of winter. Best wishes and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Alexa said...

My two recommendations are:
1. Running Tights (you can get these at Target). I wear wind pants over mine for when it's really cold, and so no one sees my booty. They seriously work at insulating you.
2. A face mask. They sell these at the Running Room, and they're a life saver in the winter.

Have fun!!