Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blown Away!

I really did not know what to expect at weigh in this week.  I was blown away when the WW lady said I had lost 5 pounds and surpassed the 40 pound loss I was shooting for this week and actually was only .8 pounds away from 45!  Seriously, I thought she was joking - which by the way would not have been funny.  Alas, she was not and I have now lost 44.2 pounds in 17 weeks.  Every time I chose a green pepper slice over a cookie, every time I chose to get up at 5:30 and work out instead of hitting the snooze button (again) - PAID OFF!  It feels really weird to say that I have lost almost 45 pounds, it feels weird that the weight on my drivers license is actually correct now (yes, I was a big fat liar!) and it feels even weirder to see my body changing before my eyes.  I definitely have a lot more work to do but I am really starting to see the changes and seeing the new me. 
Missy, Tanya and I went to Mainstream Boutique in Apple Valley on Tuesday night - my aunt is a style consultant and she hosted a party.  It was SO much fun!  I had never been to the boutique before but I will definitely be back!  I spotted a dress right away when we got there so it was the first thing I tried on - it was awesome!  All of the ladies thought it fit me perfectly and I didn't want to take it off!  Missy really liked it too so we both had it on and had to snap a picture together!  Yep, we are a little goofy - we were having a great time!  I will be sporting that new dress at our company party on Saturday at the Walker Art Center.  The best part is that dress is a Large - which for me is the smallest size I have worn in many years!  And there was a pair of jeans that I tried on right at the end of the night too that I will be going back to get this weekend - AWESOME!  If you are interested in Mainstream Boutique, check them out at the link.  I highly recommend the private party option - we really had a great time trying things on together and hanging with some fun ladies!

I just want to say one thing before I go...I would not have been able to lose this weight without the support of some very important people.  First, Missy - if you had not wanted to join WW with me I don't know if I would have done it and stuck with it like I have, I love that we have done this together and that we are partners in crime on this journey to healthy living.  Second, my husband - Rob has been amazing through this process, he eats my new creations without complaining and actually ends up liking most of them, he tells me I look great and encouraged me when I said I wanted to take a running class on Saturday mornings.  Thank you for loving me at any size, and for helping me get to the right size!  To all of my parents, in-laws, brother, sister in law, Tracy, all other friends and family - without your words of encouragement, your constant support, the great comments on Facebook and this blog I do not know if the outcome would have been the same.  I still have a ways to go and knowing that each and everyone of you is behind me in this makes that not so scary!  I will keep fighting!                                                       


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Elle said...

Way to go! 45 pounds! That's a huge number - big enough to know that you are serious about what you're doing. Big enough to know you are going to see it through to the end.
You deserve every compliment you get :)
Thanks for stopping by the blog today and leaving a comment. I really appreciated it!

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Ann said...

Congrats on the loss so far. And that picture is CUTE! Love the dress. It feels great to fit in sassy new clothes, right? You deserve it!