Thursday, January 6, 2011

15 weeks in and....

36.2 pounds GONE!  Gone forever!  It's been a slow couple of weeks for weight loss with the holidays happening and such.  I really slacked off on my workouts but was mostly acutely aware of what I was eating so I didn't have any weight gain - like I normally would around this time of year.  It feels really good going in to the new year already progressing toward those typical resolutions we all make at the start of a new year.  It felt great to go to WW yesterday and not be "new" or just starting out but already 15 weeks in to the process.  Mind you, there is nothing wrong with just starting out on this journey at the first of the year - but for me personally, it felt great to already have some time under my belt and know that I am on the path and doing the things I need to do already. 

Our first running clinic is this Saturday and to say I am a little nervous would be a fair statement.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I don't think I am actually nervous about the running, I think it may be the running OUTSIDE.  The high temp for Saturday is 9 degrees, the only problem with that is that our class starts at 9:30AM which means we will be heading outside around 10AM to go for our run - high temps don't usually hit until late afternoon!  Oh well, I think we are ready and prepared and will be even more so after our first session.  I am looking forward to learning and adding a new piece of arsenal to my healthiness journey! 

Zoe and I

On a non-weight loss front - my oldest daughter Zoe is officially in the preschool room at her daycare.  She just turned 3 at the beginning of December and they have been transitioning her to the new room the last couple of weeks - she has had the same teacher since she started there so they didn't want to change her over too quickly.  She only goes one day a week so for the longest time she would still get all shy and clutch my leg when we would get there in the morning.  Well, today she took her coat off, changed in to her shoes and she was off - before I had her stuff hung up and ready to walk out she was playing with  her new friends and could barely be bothered to say goodbye to her mom!  It was so cute and it really made me happy that she is so proud and excited to go to the "big kid room" at school!  Now, we just need to find a way to be able to get her there more than one day a week - wishing child care wasn't so darn expensive! 

Ava and I

Our other daughter Ava - just turned 18 months old last week and she is starting to talk more and more every day.  For awhile there I was kind of worried that she was never going to talk!  Her and Zoe have gotten so much better about playing together and sharing their toys with one another, it really makes me happy to see them interact together and see how much they love each other - FOR NOW!  I honestly never pictured myself with two little girls but I just can't imagine my life without both of them in it.  Okay, I am done gooshing over my babes! 

I have added Jillian's "No More Trouble Zones" workout to my daily routine (tired of the Shred right now) and it is sufficiently kicking my arse.  I have been sore for three days but have pushing through it.  It's hard getting out of bed on these cold Minnesota mornings but the way I feel for the rest of the day is totally worth it!

Here's to a fit and healthy week!  Stay warm friends!


Alicea said...

You look great Jen and you are so inspiring. I have yet to lose the baby weight from having Kyle and he's 17 months now! I need to get on that.

Alexa said...

Wow Jen! You really look great! I can see such a difference in your face alone. You look live you've lost five years as well in the past three months, I would swear you're 25 tops! Great job, keep running!