Thursday, December 2, 2010

To Share or Not To Share

That has become the question!  I have been posting Shred updates on my Facebook and Twitter accounts but I have not mentioned on those sites publicly that I have joined weight watchers and the weight I have lost.  I am not really sure why, I think mostly because it feels weird to post so publicly information that not all people necessarily want to know or care to know.  I already feel like I drive people nuts with my almost daily posts about the Shred - but I like doing it because it keeps me honest - it feels as if I didn't post for a few days that people might mention something - they may not, but what if they did!!!  This way there is no confusion - I am doing it and telling people about it via social media. 

I have friends that write blogs and they post links to them on Facebook when they have uploaded a new post - which I really appreciate because then I know to go over and take a look.  But they are writers and I am not.  But, I have been pondering doing the same thing.  I can probably count on my one hand how many know that I am writing this blog and on three fingers could name the people that are actually reading it!!!!  I didn't start this in hopes of driving people to a site to read all about my adventures with my kids - but now that it has evolved in to more of a chronicle of my healthiness journey it seems maybe there might be more interest.  But, the thought of a bunch of people reading this kind of scares - I can't lie.  And I don't really write to an audience - well, I guess I sort of do - I write as if I am talking to this group of people who are on the edge of their seats waiting for the next post from me - but in reality I know that is not the case it's just the way I like to tell my story.  Nerd...I know! 

I think about my parents reading it and wonder what they would think - especially with my dad being a writer - he would probably faint at some of my grammar usage, etc - but the nice thing is he would not tell me, he's nicer than that!  But I also think it may be a good way for the people in my life to really know how I am feeling - obviously the people close to me know I am losing weight - I tend to remind them a lot!  It's something that I am proud of - I am working hard and I love that people notice and tell me how great I look - that is pure motivation to keep going! 

My nagging thought on the whole subject is that maybe I just need to put myself out there and tell the masses about what I am doing and let them decide - no one has to read it or even be interested - but if ONE single human being wrote my musings and decided that they were ready to make a change because of what they read here, well, to me that would be worth it, right?  Right! 

So, when I hit publish on this post I am going to go over to Facebook and link for the first time to my personal blog.  For better or for worse this is me and right now I am feeling pretty good about who that person is so why not share her and possibly gain some more inspiration to keep going and to fight the good fight! 

Zoe and I on the carousel at MOA
 Wish me luck! 


Andrea B said...

Great post Jen!
You should feel pretty great about doing this. Count me in as a reader :)

Sharon Draeger said...

Great Job, Jen. I used to write too and I think this post sounds and reads well. I'm looking forward to more - luv ya and am very proud of ya too - mom

Bruce said...

Pretty cool Jen! A big congragulations on your success as a great mother, a great friend and your weight loss. I am honored to know you and look forward to reading many more post. You are truly are an inspiration.

Melissa said...

You are doing an awesome job Jen. I love reading your posts :) Like Brucey said, you are an inspiration!I am very proud to have you as a friend!

Theresa said...

Keep up the great work Jen! :)