Thursday, December 2, 2010

Take that Thanksgiving!

So, I weighed in yesterday.  I went to a different meeting because I was home nursing a headache but still wanted to weigh in on my normal day.  This different meeting is held in a church and I am not a big fan of that set up but it wasn't horrible.  You want to know why it wasn't horrible?  I am going to tell you - it's because I lose 4.6 pounds!  Yes, I lost 4.6 pounds in a week that consisted of the Thanksgiving holiday - how awesome is that!  Pretty awesome, in case you weren't sure!  I think I can credit my success this week to not giving up on my workouts even though I had the day off of work for four days in a row - I treated my workouts like normal - got up in the AM and worked out - a couple of those days Zoe actually got up and did "exercises" with me.  She is so cute!  And I was very conscious of what I was putting in my mouth - I ate a good breakfast and snack before we went to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I had a good meal, I filled half of my plate with the yummy salad I brought and then made sure I got some of my grandma's sweet potatoes - cause they are delish and ate a little of some other things I wanted.  We even went to Rob's parents house and "ate" again later on!  But I only took a few things and very small portions at that.  And then I didn't eat again for the rest of the night - I was full, comfortably full.  And proud.  Proud that I didn't go overboard just because I could. 

So, if you are keeping track - I have now lost 26.8 pounds in 10 weeks!  And I did some of my measurements last night and I have taken off 6 inches from waist!  It's incredible - I feel so good, I have more energy and I really feel good about the decisions I have been making for the two months.  I don't feel deprived, as if I am missing something because I choose not to eat certain things - that has been the biggest switch for me.  I have removed those trigger foods (as much as possible) and I do treat myself occasionally.  I have also attempted to virtually eliminate soda from my life as well.  I now will have 1-3 Diet Mt Dews A WEEK!!!  I used to have at least one a day people - for me that is huge progress! 

Take that Thanksgiving - and bring on Christmas! 

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