Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Game of Inches...

Well, I am behind. I took an unscheduled break from writing over the holiday. I have a few things to report.

Last week at my weigh in I lost 2.6 pounds! That meant that I had lost 33.6 pounds total for 13 weeks - totally awesome and so happy! This last week was good and tough all at the same time. I really concentrated on what I was eating - not hanging out around food as to avoid the mindless eating and I actually feel pretty good about how I did over the holiday weekend. Except...I did not work out like I had planned on, I only got a couple of workouts in last week and they just weren't even up to par. There was so much going on and there were so many late nights that getting up at 5:30 to work out was the furthest thing from my mind. Well, it wasn't really the furthest thing, because I did think about it A LOT. I could feel the lack of exercise zapping my energy and making me feel crummy. Don't worry, I have resolved to get back on track this week with the workouts.
Today at my weigh in I was down another 1.6 pounds - which on a normal week I may have been a little bummed about but considering it was Christmas, I didn't work out much and I still ate food - I was A-OKAY with that loss. My total weight loss is now at 35.2 pounds! I have lost 35 pounds in 14 weeks - it's crazy, I can hardly believe it.

Back to the game of inches. So, yes, I have lost 35 pounds but I have also lost some inches - most of which I attribute to Jillian Michaels! I have lost a total of 14 inches from my body in 14 weeks. Seriously - 14 inches! I have lost 5 inches from waist and 4 inches from my chest - no wonder my clothes don't fit anymore!

My clothes have really gotten big on me, there are many pairs of jeans, work pants, and shirts that I have had to put aside and not wear anymore because they just look down right FUNNY when I do wear them. Typically when I have lost weight I haven't usually gotten rid of clothes, which my husband can attest to, there are bins and bins of clothes in our storage area!!! But this time I have committed to get rid of those clothes - a few months ago I gave away 4 VERY large bags to Goodwill. This time when I collect things that are too big I may actually bring them to Clothes Mentor - I have a lot of nice things that are very gently used so if I can also get a couple of bucks for them and maybe buy a couple of pieces for the interim that would be nice.
Last Thursday I had a Non-Scale Victory (NSV) and I want to share it with you. My friend Missy and I went shopping - she graciously volunteered to come with me jean shopping. Our first stop was at Lane Bryant - where I have shopped pretty much exclusively for many years, simply because I HAD to. I tried on a few pairs and the best part was that the pair that was my favorite were actually TOO BIG! Missy convinced me that I should go to The Gap and see what they have - she is much more knowledgeable when it comes to "mainstream" retailers so I trusted her. We went down to The Gap and started grabbing jeans, I wasn't sure what size I would be able to wear so we grabbed a couple different sizes just in case. If you are familiar with Gap jeans styles, the Long and Lean were the ones I was most optimistic about. I had grabbed the biggest size they had and put those on - I came out and Missy and the girl working both told me immediately that I needed a smaller size! It was great! So, they brought me the next size, I put them on and OMG! They are the best jeans I have ever put on - in my life!!! So, you might be wondering - "did she buy them?" You are darn skippy I bought them! I have never been more happy to buy a pair of jeans at full price in my whole life! So, that was my NSV last week - I bought a pair of jeans at The Gap, and not the biggest size they have either!

I am really hoping to be able to report an NSV every week - not just about being able to buy a new pair of jeans, but more importantly about being able to recognize the things that I am doing that are making the difference.

Happy New Year friends - I am very much looking forward to 2011 and the healthiness that abounds!


Anja Kuechenmeister said...

Congratulations Jenn! Keep up the good work.
I have started running. Literally teaching myself because I abhore this type of excercise. I am learning to like it though especially when I can SEE the results-much like your jeans example.
I have played tennis and was on a team for 4 years, I have hired a personal trainer, done the Weight Watchers program and eaten healthy but none of that helped. I actually gained. What I am learing is to continue to eat healthy (try to stick to a 1500 calorie a day plan) and burn more calories than I take in. I now where a monitor to track the approximate calories I burn when I run.
I started by saying "I can't run more than a block" to I've now participated in a 5K. I now can run around my park 2x and actually say "yeah, I'm a little tired but I could probably do one more loop."
Thank you for sharing your excercise journal with us and keep up the great job! A healthy mom is a FUN mom who can participate with her kids and husband.

Anja Kuechenmeister

Kari Loft said...

Congrats on the weight loss and the new jeans! Goodbye Lane Bryant! I also have experienced the "new life" that comes with weight loss and after 3 years of keeping it off, I still think everyday about when I will get my workout in for the day and I still feel amazing after the workout. So keep with it as you have just made an awesome lifestyle change!

jeanne said...

hey jen!! you will find that running instead of walking will fire up the calorie burn like you wouldnt believe!! you will love it--and the "solitude" that goes along with it. its your own little "world" put together some good playlists and you are off & running!!