Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Game of Inches...

Well, I am behind. I took an unscheduled break from writing over the holiday. I have a few things to report.

Last week at my weigh in I lost 2.6 pounds! That meant that I had lost 33.6 pounds total for 13 weeks - totally awesome and so happy! This last week was good and tough all at the same time. I really concentrated on what I was eating - not hanging out around food as to avoid the mindless eating and I actually feel pretty good about how I did over the holiday weekend. Except...I did not work out like I had planned on, I only got a couple of workouts in last week and they just weren't even up to par. There was so much going on and there were so many late nights that getting up at 5:30 to work out was the furthest thing from my mind. Well, it wasn't really the furthest thing, because I did think about it A LOT. I could feel the lack of exercise zapping my energy and making me feel crummy. Don't worry, I have resolved to get back on track this week with the workouts.
Today at my weigh in I was down another 1.6 pounds - which on a normal week I may have been a little bummed about but considering it was Christmas, I didn't work out much and I still ate food - I was A-OKAY with that loss. My total weight loss is now at 35.2 pounds! I have lost 35 pounds in 14 weeks - it's crazy, I can hardly believe it.

Back to the game of inches. So, yes, I have lost 35 pounds but I have also lost some inches - most of which I attribute to Jillian Michaels! I have lost a total of 14 inches from my body in 14 weeks. Seriously - 14 inches! I have lost 5 inches from waist and 4 inches from my chest - no wonder my clothes don't fit anymore!

My clothes have really gotten big on me, there are many pairs of jeans, work pants, and shirts that I have had to put aside and not wear anymore because they just look down right FUNNY when I do wear them. Typically when I have lost weight I haven't usually gotten rid of clothes, which my husband can attest to, there are bins and bins of clothes in our storage area!!! But this time I have committed to get rid of those clothes - a few months ago I gave away 4 VERY large bags to Goodwill. This time when I collect things that are too big I may actually bring them to Clothes Mentor - I have a lot of nice things that are very gently used so if I can also get a couple of bucks for them and maybe buy a couple of pieces for the interim that would be nice.
Last Thursday I had a Non-Scale Victory (NSV) and I want to share it with you. My friend Missy and I went shopping - she graciously volunteered to come with me jean shopping. Our first stop was at Lane Bryant - where I have shopped pretty much exclusively for many years, simply because I HAD to. I tried on a few pairs and the best part was that the pair that was my favorite were actually TOO BIG! Missy convinced me that I should go to The Gap and see what they have - she is much more knowledgeable when it comes to "mainstream" retailers so I trusted her. We went down to The Gap and started grabbing jeans, I wasn't sure what size I would be able to wear so we grabbed a couple different sizes just in case. If you are familiar with Gap jeans styles, the Long and Lean were the ones I was most optimistic about. I had grabbed the biggest size they had and put those on - I came out and Missy and the girl working both told me immediately that I needed a smaller size! It was great! So, they brought me the next size, I put them on and OMG! They are the best jeans I have ever put on - in my life!!! So, you might be wondering - "did she buy them?" You are darn skippy I bought them! I have never been more happy to buy a pair of jeans at full price in my whole life! So, that was my NSV last week - I bought a pair of jeans at The Gap, and not the biggest size they have either!

I am really hoping to be able to report an NSV every week - not just about being able to buy a new pair of jeans, but more importantly about being able to recognize the things that I am doing that are making the difference.

Happy New Year friends - I am very much looking forward to 2011 and the healthiness that abounds!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Elves, Singing Trees and Santa - Oh My!

My mom, brother and sister in law took the kids to Macy's Downtown on Sunday.  Rob and I had taken Zoe when she was a year old and we all enjoyed it so we thought it would be good to get the girls down there this year.  Alas, Rob had to work so he was not able to join us - which is an unfortunate but familiar theme for us! 
The kids had a great time (so did us adults!) and we all got to see Santa too!  They run a tight ship there with the Santa process and we waited in line for about 7 minutes - no kidding!  Last year, my mom and I waited at EP Mall for over an hour with a wired two year old and a hungry 6 month old - never again!!! 
I am going to document our adventure in pictures rather than tell you all about it - you really need to see it to believe it! 

A Day in the Life of an Elf - Macy's 8th Floor - 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Weigh in (late again) Wednesday! 12/15/2010

Well, hello there!  Life has been crazy getting ready for the holidays and finishing up the quarter at work on the right end of our quota so I am a little late posting this week. 

Weigh in went well this week - I lost another 1.6 pounds this week and have reached another milestone!  I have officially dropped 30.8 pounds from this body of mine!  It feels so great!  I really would like to get to the 35 pound mark by the end of the year - but with the holidays in full swing starting this weekend I will be realistic and settle for another three pounds before the end of the year - that is two more weigh ins and I think it is pretty doable.  And I am setting a personal goal for myself to workout at least 5 days a week for the rest of the year - I was doing really well with the 7 days a week when I was doing the 30 Day Shred but with everything else going on I am cutting myself a little slack!  At the first of the year I am planning on stepping up the workouts a notch to make sure this weight keeps coming off! 

We had our holiday dinner at work last night.  We have a smaller team so we are able to go out and actually spend some time chatting.  It was nice to be out and enjoying some adult time - I don't do that nearly enough.  I had a wonderful Black Bean Veggie Burger - it was so good!  I even splurged and had a couple of beers - I forgot how I miss those!  This was the last holiday dinner with our team being led by our current boss - we will be getting a new boss in January.  This has really bummed me out - I have loved working with my boss for that last 4 years and I will miss getting to work with him on a daily basis - fortunately he is not leaving the company so I will still get to see him and plan to use him as a mentor now that I don't actually report to him!  The prospect of a new boss is daunting but I am starting to get used to the idea - change can be good.  Do you think if I chant that over and over I will start to believe it!?!?!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Two Christmas gatherings tomorrow - all with family - it will be a great time.  The girls will get to be with their cousins all day - they will love that!  And then on Sunday, my mom, brother, sister in law and nephew are going to go downtown to see the Elves at Macy's.  We took Zoe when she was a year old and I am certain that both girls will get a kick out of it this year - who knows we may actually stop and see the big guy with the white beard too! 

Have a great weekend and keep making those healthy choices! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday! 12/8/2010

The end of week 11 brought another 2.4 pounds lost - gone forever!  My grand total of weight loss in 11 weeks is 29.2 pounds!  So close to that 30 pound mark - next week for sure!  I had a great week with exercise and food.  There was a day in there when I had some issues with food - thank goodness I have such a great support network around me and was able to get through it unscathed.  There will always be those days when the tray of cookies, pan of brownies, etc taunts you and calls your name - it's all about how you handle the challenge.  So far, I am pretty proud of the way I have handled the challenges. 

I have officially completed the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels!  I am really enjoying the workouts and have been doing Level 3 for about a week now and really feel the challenge and can feel myself getting stronger.  During the 30 days I was doing the workout every day I lost 13.8 pounds - I have not taken my measurements yet again but I have a feeling those are really going to tell the story.  I will be sure to update on those soon as well - I am pretty curious about that too.  I know that I have lost inches simply because of the way my clothes fit - or don't fit for that matter.  I have a few pair of jeans that can be taken off without actually unbuttoning or unzipping them - pretty ridiculous - time to clean out the closets again!  I am really looking forward to going shopping some day soon and trying on new clothes and finding out what size I am right now.  I have a good idea just based on things I am able to wear in my own closet but I really look forward to walking in to a store (and not a big girl store) and grabbing something off the rack, taking it to the fitting room, putting it on and having it FIT!  Oh, it's the little things in life! 

Doing the Shred has really given me focus - to not just make this about what I need to cut out of my life but also what I need to include in my life.  I am starting to realize that it's okay to take some time for me and to make myself a priority.  If I do these things for myself the trickle down effect for the people around me is inevitable.  I am feeling good about what I am doing, feeling good about what I see in the mirror (it's been much too long since I have been able to say that!) and feeling good about the energy and zest for life I have back. 

Thank you for all of your support - for taking time out of your day to read my blog, for leaving comments and for the continuing encouragement.  It all means more to me than I can express in writing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
I am going to leave you with a picture today - Zoe and I on the carousel at the MOA on her 3rd Birthday earlier this week! 

Zoe and Mommy on the giraffe

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Weight Watchers System

Unless you have been living under a rock this week and have no access to Internet or television I am certain you have heard about Weight Watchers launching their new program this week.  As a member I was alerted to the fact that they were changing things a few weeks ago - maybe other people knew before that but that was when they started talking about it in meetings I think.  I was a little nervous - I have been doing this for two months now and I have it down pretty well - I have foods that I eat on a regular basis and I know what they "cost me" so anything that was going to change that was a little daunting. 
Monday morning when I logged on to my page on the WW website - it was all new - it recalculated my daily points, there was a new total for the weekly points allowance and most of the food I had stored in my favorites was all converted to the new PointsPlus program.  I was kind of annoyed by this - they had made it seem that we wouldn't need to start doing anything differently until our weigh in and meeting day - which for me is Wednesday.  That meant for me it was going to be almost three days on the "new" plan before I went to a meeting and heard from my leader!  So, instead of panicking, we decided to go to the meeting on Monday at lunch time instead of waiting.  I figured if the tools that I use on a daily basis to be successful at this program have already changed - I need to know what I am doing - and I need to know NOW!

We went to the meeting - note to self - do not go on Mondays anymore - the leader on Mon is CRAZY!  I like our subdued leader that we have on Wed much better.  But, we were able to gather much of the info we needed to start the week off right and not feel like the rug was pulled out from under us.
I think if they ask for feedback at the meetings as to how the roll out went my only comment would be that I didn't like being "forced" to change everything to the new system right away.  It would have been nice if they had made it optional to switch on your meeting day instead of Monday morning.  I am certain that the technology people at WW surely could have figured out something that could have made it a manual switch instead of automatic. 

Moral of the story is I am finding the new system livable.  Sure, some of my go to foods have a higher point value today than they did last week - but maybe that just means they don't need to be a go to food anymore.  I really like that I can have fruit and most veggies for Zero points and not have to worry about what I can't have because I had them. 

I look forward to seeing what the changes are going to do for my weight loss and continuing my success.  I feel like this new program is going to be the catalyst that I needed to really ramp up my nutrition and force me to continue to make the right choices! 

I am going to be positive and face this new program head on! 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

To Share or Not To Share

That has become the question!  I have been posting Shred updates on my Facebook and Twitter accounts but I have not mentioned on those sites publicly that I have joined weight watchers and the weight I have lost.  I am not really sure why, I think mostly because it feels weird to post so publicly information that not all people necessarily want to know or care to know.  I already feel like I drive people nuts with my almost daily posts about the Shred - but I like doing it because it keeps me honest - it feels as if I didn't post for a few days that people might mention something - they may not, but what if they did!!!  This way there is no confusion - I am doing it and telling people about it via social media. 

I have friends that write blogs and they post links to them on Facebook when they have uploaded a new post - which I really appreciate because then I know to go over and take a look.  But they are writers and I am not.  But, I have been pondering doing the same thing.  I can probably count on my one hand how many know that I am writing this blog and on three fingers could name the people that are actually reading it!!!!  I didn't start this in hopes of driving people to a site to read all about my adventures with my kids - but now that it has evolved in to more of a chronicle of my healthiness journey it seems maybe there might be more interest.  But, the thought of a bunch of people reading this kind of scares - I can't lie.  And I don't really write to an audience - well, I guess I sort of do - I write as if I am talking to this group of people who are on the edge of their seats waiting for the next post from me - but in reality I know that is not the case it's just the way I like to tell my story.  Nerd...I know! 

I think about my parents reading it and wonder what they would think - especially with my dad being a writer - he would probably faint at some of my grammar usage, etc - but the nice thing is he would not tell me, he's nicer than that!  But I also think it may be a good way for the people in my life to really know how I am feeling - obviously the people close to me know I am losing weight - I tend to remind them a lot!  It's something that I am proud of - I am working hard and I love that people notice and tell me how great I look - that is pure motivation to keep going! 

My nagging thought on the whole subject is that maybe I just need to put myself out there and tell the masses about what I am doing and let them decide - no one has to read it or even be interested - but if ONE single human being wrote my musings and decided that they were ready to make a change because of what they read here, well, to me that would be worth it, right?  Right! 

So, when I hit publish on this post I am going to go over to Facebook and link for the first time to my personal blog.  For better or for worse this is me and right now I am feeling pretty good about who that person is so why not share her and possibly gain some more inspiration to keep going and to fight the good fight! 

Zoe and I on the carousel at MOA
 Wish me luck! 

Take that Thanksgiving!

So, I weighed in yesterday.  I went to a different meeting because I was home nursing a headache but still wanted to weigh in on my normal day.  This different meeting is held in a church and I am not a big fan of that set up but it wasn't horrible.  You want to know why it wasn't horrible?  I am going to tell you - it's because I lose 4.6 pounds!  Yes, I lost 4.6 pounds in a week that consisted of the Thanksgiving holiday - how awesome is that!  Pretty awesome, in case you weren't sure!  I think I can credit my success this week to not giving up on my workouts even though I had the day off of work for four days in a row - I treated my workouts like normal - got up in the AM and worked out - a couple of those days Zoe actually got up and did "exercises" with me.  She is so cute!  And I was very conscious of what I was putting in my mouth - I ate a good breakfast and snack before we went to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I had a good meal, I filled half of my plate with the yummy salad I brought and then made sure I got some of my grandma's sweet potatoes - cause they are delish and ate a little of some other things I wanted.  We even went to Rob's parents house and "ate" again later on!  But I only took a few things and very small portions at that.  And then I didn't eat again for the rest of the night - I was full, comfortably full.  And proud.  Proud that I didn't go overboard just because I could. 

So, if you are keeping track - I have now lost 26.8 pounds in 10 weeks!  And I did some of my measurements last night and I have taken off 6 inches from waist!  It's incredible - I feel so good, I have more energy and I really feel good about the decisions I have been making for the two months.  I don't feel deprived, as if I am missing something because I choose not to eat certain things - that has been the biggest switch for me.  I have removed those trigger foods (as much as possible) and I do treat myself occasionally.  I have also attempted to virtually eliminate soda from my life as well.  I now will have 1-3 Diet Mt Dews A WEEK!!!  I used to have at least one a day people - for me that is huge progress! 

Take that Thanksgiving - and bring on Christmas!