Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weigh in (kind of late) and week recap! Can you say Shred?!?!

Okay - this post is a little late considering tomorrow is already Wednesday again and I will be weighing in again tomorrow!  But, I did lose another pound last week - which was a bummer and a blessing all at the same time - I wished it had been more but I had a girls night on Friday and had some adult beverages which are not usually in my diet so a one pound loss was Great!
After last week's loss I am now officially down 15.5 pounds since starting this journey 6 weeks ago.  To say that I am happy and proud of this would be an understatement.  I really feel like I am getting a handle on my diet (what I eat, not some pill or fad diet) and being really aware of what goes in mouth all day.  I have down right mastered the concept of drinking water at this point.  Like today for example, I had 20 oz down before I even got to the office and now at noon I have already drank another 32 more!  My body has actually started to crave water - it's an amazing phenomenon.  I have only had ONE diet mt dew since Saturday night - that in itself is a miracle - evidently I don't actually NEED the caffeine! 

Last week I decided that I needed to step my game up a little bit and add some more consistent and vigorous exercise.  Several of my friends have mentioned the 30 Day Shred and up until now it really didn't sound like something I was interested in - but I thought what the heck.  My mom had the DVD so she brought it over Sunday.  I decided that Monday morning would be my first day doing the Shred.  I woke up at 6AM (if you know me this is huge), threw on my workout clothes and headed to the living room.  I knew that I would HAVE to start on level 1 and my goal was to not stop - if they don't stop on the DVD, don't stop.  It was hard - the hardest 25 minutes I have experienced lately.  But, I did NOT stop.  I felt like puking after I was done and it took awhile for me to recover but I did it.  I was proud of myself.  As I went down stairs to grab something from the laundry room I quickly realized why they call it "Shred" - my legs already hurt - 10 minutes after I was already hurting walking down the stairs!  Its okay though - it feels great and I feel like I have accomplished something for the day and it's not even 7AM yet!

Now, skip ahead to this morning!  I woke up rather sore this morning and not really feeling like I needed to do the Shred again.  So, instead I did the Biggest Loser for Wii - I worked out with my virtual Bob this morning and he did a great job of waking up my muscles and getting me a good workout and good sweat this morning.  I will be doing the Shred again tomorrow morning - stay tuned!  : )

As a family we are keeping busy.  The girls are crazy as ever but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Zoe is going to be three in a few weeks and I can hardly believe it.  She is so smart and amazes all of us every day with the things that come out of her mouth.  I love to listen at her door in the AM or at night before bed to hear her playing by herself and making up stories, characters - she has such an imagination! 
Ava is 16 months old and is all over the place.  Once she got the walking thing down she has not stopped.  Her speech is still trying to catch up - she doesn't say much but she thoroughly understands EVERYTHING we say.  She adores her big sister and is just a little love bug. 
Rob is working hard as ever - he is still working 6 days a week so we are quite limited in the time we get to spend with each other - but the time we do have I think we do a pretty good job of making it count. 
The girls are spending some time with my dad and stepmom this weekend so Rob and I are actually going on a date with some friends on Friday night to see a band.  I am so excited, live music is the one thing that I dearly miss from my younger and more care free days!  We are going to see Pert Near Sandstone at the Cabooze - bluegrass, I will definitely be earning some activity points with some dancing! 
Anyway, tomorrow is weigh in day again.  I am feeling really good about this week.  I feel like I have made some positive strides towards really making these life changes and not just about losing weight.  The losing weight part is pretty awesome but knowing that I am getting myself healthier and in return setting a good example for my kids and all the other people around me is the real victory.  Oh, and being able to pull on a pair of dress pants that I have not worn in three years and they fit, they were not tight, did not create a muffin top - yeah, that's pretty awesome too! 

Make it a wonderful day! 

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