Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the Program

I have not been writing as often as I had hoped I would.  But, I am back and hope to at least write once a week - I figure that is an attainable goal for now. 
I recently started on the Weight Watchers program.  Since college I have always been heavy, have lost weight for special occasions (my wedding, etc) and gained it back later.  I had planned to drop a bunch of weight before I had kids but that didn't really work out - however I have been able to successfully lose the weight I gained while pregnant - I was very careful during both of my pregnancies to not go overboard and didn't gain more than 20 lbs with either one of them.  So, now here I am, pleasantly plump and ready to get rid of this excess weight and be a healthier version of myself. 
Weight has been an issue for me my entire life.  Even when I was in high school and college and was really a healthy weight, exercising, playing competitive softball, etc I always thought I was huge.  I recently found a picture of me from my freshman year in college, I was wearing my softball uniform and dare I say I look - THIN!  It's hard to believe that a short year (and lots of beer and pizza) later I had gained about 15 pounds and have spiraled down from there. 
I lost about 20 pounds before Rob and I got married - I had to look great in my dress.  I was still overweight, but I wore it pretty well.  Thank goodness I am tall and have long legs!  I have since put that weight back on and am carrying probably about 10-15 more. 
I can't really pinpoint the moment that I said to myself - you need to get rid of this weight - I tell myself that ALL OF THE TIME.  My best friend asked me if I wanted to join WW with her - support each other and do it together - PERFECT, someone to hold me accountable, to go to the meetings with, etc.  I have joined WW before - lost some weight and then gave up and gained it back. 
Well, this time it's for good - I am losing this weight for good, making healthy lifestyle changes and becoming a great example for my babies.  I don't want to be the "fat mom" while they are growing up, I want to be the one that is running around with them, having fun and enjoying their youth.  And I want to be healthy and live a long life so I can be at their middle school graduations, their high school graduations, their college graduations, their weddings, be around when they have their children and be able to enjoy those grandchildren to the fullest!  All of this is not really that much to ask - this is what everyone should be doing, right?  But the simple fact is that MOST people in the US are overweight or obese.  Americans love food, there is no escaping it.  My plan is to make sure that I love the RIGHT food and make the RIGHT choices and help my daughters to make the same choices. 
I am in week four on the WW program - I weigh in on Wednesdays and go to the meeting with my best friend.  We are doing great, we are suggesting food items to one another, sharing recipes, sharing struggles, etc.  She has considerably less weight to lose than I do - but it really doesn't matter - we both need to make positive changes in our lives and that is really the most important thing - yes, we need to lose weight, but when the weight is gone, then what?  We will have our health and new lifestyles, it will be habit, it's not a diet, it's a habit!
So, my progress thus far has been motivating.  I lost 3.2 pounds the first week, I lost 1.0 pound the second week and I lost 7.6 pounds last week - that is 11.8 pounds in three weeks.  I am already noticing the change in my clothes, etc.  This weekend I cleaned out the closests, drawers, and bins I had in the attic of my "pre-pregnancy" clothes.  I was able to clear out 5 HUGE garbage bags of clothes.  Much of that was stuff in bins upstairs that I was waiting to fit in to - they are now too big and had to go.  I did not keep any "fat pants' which is what I usually do - just in case.  Nope, we are going down, down, down in the size department and I don't plan on going back. 
One of the things I look forward to is the change that will happen in my face - I can't wait to have only one chin and not always look like I am smuggling nuts in my cheeks! 
I have started getting more active and definitely have room to grow in that area, but I have started.
Here on out I will update this blog on Wednesday or Thursday with my weight loss success/failures.  Please feel free to join me!!! 

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