Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, Wednesday is WI day! I was very nervous for weigh in today - I had a great week last week so I was not expecting much this week but I worked hard so I was hopeful. Well, I lost NOTHING! But, I also gained NOTHING! That's right, the darn scale said the same darn thing it did last week! Major bummer! I am trying really hard to stay positive and remind myself that NO weight loss is better than a gain.

I am determined to get more activity in this week and drink more water. These are my two sticking points traditionally. I excuse exercise away all week long but this week I AM GOING TO BE ACTIVE EVERY DAY - even if just for 10-15 minutes at a time.

The weather is getting cooler here so I am starting to line up my back up plans for getting outside and walking. I got my WII fit balance board all set up last night and played a few of the balance games - boy are those harder than they look! This week I want to set up My Personal Fitness Plan on the system and start getting in a routine. I think my best bet is to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and get my workout done then - before anyone else in the house is awake, before I have to leave for work. If I wait until after work and after I get my girls I just don't get it done. I am tired, I have 50 other things to do and it just doesn't happen. Because lets be honest - who likes to work out at 10pm!!!

So, I didn't lose any weight this week - that's okay - I really don't feel like I did anything to sabotage weight loss this week I really think my body was just bouncing back from the big loss last week. I am okay, I am doing this and I am going to keep doing this!

Let's go week five, bring it on!

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