Friday, February 6, 2009

Zoe's First Birthday Party - 1/17/09

yes I realize that my child is already a year old but as most know our first attempt at a birthday party was foiled as Zoe ended up with the Croup and we had to cancel. So, here we go again! Zoe's cakes - one to eat, one to smash!

It was a great turn out - we had all of our close friends and family there to help us celebrate our daughter turning a year old. It was a big deal for me to have a party for her - more for me I presume than it was for her but I just felt that every kid should have a party for their first birthday.

We went with Elmo and friends as our theme - we had really cute decorations - my mom outdid herself as usual with the decorations and balloons. it was great. Everyone pitched in and helped us with food too - Rob and I did pulled pork sandwiches, Nana Lynne did a chicken salad (at Rob's request), grandma sharon made cheesy potatoes, grandma sue made a brocolli salad and Missy made chuckwagon stew (baked beans with meat if you are so inclined). It was all wonderful and really made it so nice for us not to have to worry about making all of that food on our own! What great friends and family we have!

We had lots of kids there too - having the party at the church worked out perfect because they had a "nursery" that was full of toys that kept the kids busy and they all seemed to have a good time playing together.

Zoe made out like a bandit with gifts - as if she needed anything but we sure did appreciate all of the wonderful gifts she received.

Missy made sure Zoe had her own cake to smash up - it was from Byerlys and it was so good - but the frosting was kind of thick so she had some issues really being able to SMASH it - but she definitely got plenty of frosting and a little cake!

Check it out!

And here she is having at her cake!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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