Friday, February 6, 2009

Sesame Street Live - Elmo's Green Thumb - 1/14/09

A couple of months ago I heard about the Sesame Street Live gang coming to town and the show was all about Elmo and his flower. What could be more perfect for my child who is in love with Elmo and Sesame Street! I ordered tickets and was able to get enough so, Rob, Zoe, my mom and I could all go to the show for pretty inexpensively.
Of course the night the show was on was one of the coldest nights of the winter. Luckily the show was at Target Center so we were able to park in the ramp and get over to the TC through the skyway.

We had pretty decent seats - they only used half of the floor so only half of the seats were sold and they only sold on the lower level. We were off to the side - but it was good - Zoe was just far enough away to not be freaked out by all of the big furry characters. If you recall my post about a month ago she is still not a fan of large furry creatures up close!

The show started and Bert and Ernie were the first on stage - they started a song that had all of the characters coming out and singing about the letter of their name. All the characters were out on the stage except for one! Bert asked the kids - who is missing - some of them were able to yell out ELMO! All of a sudden Elmo comes bounding out to the center of the stage - my child instantly got so excited and yelled - MELMO! That was the first time we had heard her vocalize her love for this red furry creature. She immediately started throwing kisses to Elmo on stage - it was so adorable!
This was our first attempt at bringing her to something other than a sporting event - where sitting in seats was required. She did such a great job - there was an intermission so she was able to have a snack and hang with grandma while mommy and daddy went to the bathroom and got Zoe a keepsake from the show. She absolutely needed another little Zoe doll - cause every 13 month old should have several! I know, I spoil her but she deserved it - she was so good.

Toward the end she did start to get restless - but in her defense she was tired and it was past her bedtime.
here are a few shots from the show:

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