Friday, February 6, 2009

Random things that occur when Z and I are home alone - 1/11/09

So, as most know Zoe and I spend a lot of time alone together in the evenings. Rob spends his time with her during the day and then has to work at night so we are left to our own devices quite often. I decided that Zoe's hair was getting long enough and thought I would try out the little bows I had bought a while back. I wasn't really sure how they would work in her hair and if she would even let them stay in her hair.

So, while she was eating dinner one night I put one in - result below!

She also decides that she needs to wear things in/on her head that don't necessarily suit the moment - but who am I to stifle her creativity. She could be the next Rachel Zoe and be designing for famous people some day! We were snuggling in the chair before bed and she spotted her hat on the table (I am sure Rob left it there, cause that is where it belongs). She wanted it so I gave it to her and she let me help her put it on. So there she was sitting on my lap with her ducky pjs on and her Abby Caddaby winter hat on - she's so silly!

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