Friday, January 23, 2009

Zoe's Birthday at Supper Club - 12/17/08

This child is lucky - she has so many people that love her and want her to know it!
We had our monthly dinner at Dad and Sue's and it was to honor and celebrate Zoe's birthday.
We had a great dinner and auntie TJ made a super cute cake just for Zoe - angel food with yummy cream cheese frosty - and she even got creative with the frosting and was all tie dye and stuff.
We all sang Happy Birthday to Zoe - this was her third time I think. She REALLY enjoys being the center of attention and having a room full of some of her favorite people singing to her - SEE!

She is good at sharing already too! She wasn't sure what to make of the cake at first so she was trying to give it away - she took a couple bites and realized it was pretty good so she kept the rest of it!

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