Friday, January 23, 2009

To turn around or not to turn around

So, Zoe is one year old and she weighs 22 pounds. According to the car seat rules/laws she is now old enough and big enough to be turned around in her car seat. Now here is the dilemma over all of this. There are many people out there that say you should leave your child facing backwards as long as humanly and equipment standards possible. And I whole heartedly agree - there have been many accidents in the last several years that have seen children under two die because they were facing forward in their car seats. However, they dont tell you how big those kids are, were they using a 5 point harness still and the impact of the accident. All they tell you is that if they had been rear facing they would still be alive. This causes a lot of angst and mommy guilt. Here's why - for me it would be much easier to be able to turn her around because she is starting to get heavy and its harder to lift her over the seat in to the vehicle but I also know that it would probably be better for her to stay rear facing.

We went to Zoe's one year check up with the Pediatrician. She actually brought up the car seat deal before I had a chance to ask her about it. She said because of Zoe's measurements and her age we could turn her around at any time. I asked her about my worries - turning her around too early and something happening, etc. She assured me that I just needed to shake the mommy guilt and do what was best for both of us.

So, after getting some reassurance from a medical professtional and mother of her own children - we decided to turn her around - in my vehicle. Rob is still able to lift her over his seat in his car - it's lower and a little easier to manuever. So for now she is forward facing in the Element and still rear facing in the Camry. I think it is the best decision for all us - I know there are many out there that would not agree but I can't worry about them. I have to do what is best for me and Zoe.

Here she is now facing forward in her seat - and she loves it!

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