Thursday, January 29, 2009

Supper Club - 1/10/09

This month is our traditional white elephant/holiday gathering. The Green's graciously agreed to let us all invade their home this time. We normally go to the Bayer's but the number of people in our group, especially the little ones, has made that spot a little crowded when the whole group is present.

All were in attendance this weekend so that was great - Rob has had to miss the last few months because of his work schedule so it was nice to have everyone there.

Zoe was slow to work her way down to the floor to play with Malaya and Kailyn but once she did she was in toddler heaven. Kailyn has come cool toys that we haven't gotten for Zoe yet so she had a ball playing with those. Her and Malaya also played so well down on the floor - Zoe didn't bop her on the head at all!

At one point I looked over at Zoe and it turns out Kailyn had helped her do some accessorizing - so dang funny! I like to say she was channeling her inner Olivia Newton-John!

We all had a great time playing the white elephant game - we both ended up with great presents - I got a vac for my car, Rob got a bag full of outdoor goodies. It was really fun - it almost felt like old times at Supper Club.

After eating and game playing the kids were back to playing with the toys. Zoe was not happy about leaving but she was headed to Gma Sharon's for the night! Mommy and Daddy were going to my company party at the Hotel Sofitel! A night with grownups - crazy! We were home by 11 and both asleep by midnight - not quite the party animals we used to be!

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