Friday, January 23, 2009

Santa Visits the VFW - 12/13/08

We have yet to visit Santa in the mall. Last year we took Zoe to the Brookdale Mall - no lines and we even took our own pictures in addition to the ones we paid for. Well, the Brookdale Mall is doing so poorly these days that they have discontinued having a Santa. And honestly, as much as I want to get her pic taken with the big guy - the thought of going to Ridgedale and being handed a pager and told that the wait is at least an hour is not appealing at all to me.

So, as a child I used to go to the VFW in Prior Lake (where my grandfather is a member and former Commander) with my family to see Santa - the big guy would come and have breakfast with all of the kids. Each child would get a present (our parents sneakily brought each of us a gift) and have breakfast - it was great!

This year we decided to continue the tradition and take Zoe for her first visit with Santa at the VFW.
Santa was sitting in the chair talking to other little kids. Zoe saw him and was not super excited about it - she didn't mind him from afar - but as we approached the big fella she grasped on to my arm a little tighter. My mom took her and got closer and she immediately grabbed on to my mom's arm and started saying "no,no, no". It was really cute. We decided that we would still try and see if she would like to sit on his lap - NOT SO MUCH!
She still got her present though and had a good time opening that up. She got the Little People Noah's Ark from Santa - she was very happy - she loves all of the animals.

After lunch, Zoe and grandma Sharon played the Crane game - they didn't win but fun was had by all! Zoe even got to play with the buttons - probably why they didnt win anything!

After all the fun and games it was time to head home. Rob and I had talked about if she would be able to fall asleep in her car seat since we had turned it around - wondering if it would still be as comfy.

What do you think???

Evidently it only matters how tired she is not WHERE she is!
Our sweet little baby!

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