Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Years Eve - 12/31/2008

We opted for a family friendly New Year's Eve celebration this year. Last year I was at home alone for most of the night because Rob was working and Zoe was only a few weeks old and I had no desire to go anywhere anyway. Rob did make it home that night just before midnight so I wasn't actually alone when the ball dropped which was good - especially for him - I might have hurt him if he hadn't gotten home in time.

This year we went to Mike and Sara's house. They have a son named Brandon who Zoe absolutely loves! And he is so good with her - they are quite fun to watch. Missy and Travis were there and Jill and John showed up later on.

We had lots of food and there was plenty to drink! Since Sara and I are both pregnant we decided to make Cherry Limeades for ourselves so we had something fun to drink during the evening. I have to say, they were so good that others were drinking them too - although I think they may have been spiking theirs!

We planned on a night of Wii! Missy brought the drums and guitar and we brought our Wii console. Rock Band here we come! Brandon immediately loved playing the drums and was actually pretty good at it!
Zoe had fun playing with all of Brandon's toys!

She even got in to the Rock Band and wanted to be the drummer! And I have to tell you these pictures of her drumming are taken just before midnight. This child would not go to bed - we brought the packnplay so she could lay down and each attempt was very unsuccessful so we just let her stay up!

Midnight came, we had a champagne toast - I had some NA Sparkling Juice - Rob, Zoe and I had a group kiss! It was a perfect night! And Zoe fell asleep in the car on the way home and went right to bed when we got home! She was pooped!

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