Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meeting Elmo! 1/4/09

Our first big event of the new year was heading to Creative Kidstuff in Maple Grove to meet Elmo! They had Elmo in the store to help promote the upcoming Sesame Street Live show that was coming to town - which we already have tickets for!
We took Grandma Sharon with us to the store - first mommy had to return a teether that she had bought there months before and never used. It was one of those weird ones that vibrated and was supposed to sooth with the vibrations - mom fell for it in the store but never took it out of the package. They exchanged it for her and I ended up with a brand new toy through the whole deal! I get pretty lucky like that A LOT!

It was time for Elmo to come out and there was no one else at the store except for me, mommy and Gma Sharon. Mom was surprised at how few people were there - but it was okay by me.

Gma Sharon was holding me and I saw Elmo out of the corner of my eye. And from a distance he seemed okay. Gma Sharon started walking closer to him and I wasn't quite sure I needed to be quite that close. I politley told Gma Sharon - No, no!
This was a close as I would get - and I wasn't real happy about this even.
Mommy talked me in to going with her and posing for a picture with Elmo - since she was with me I was okay with it. We took a quick picture and that was that!

Elmo was hanging out and dancing a little bit - then more kids started to show up so it was time for us to go. Hope you like my pictures!

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