Friday, January 23, 2009

Here we go again!

Our big news for the holiday season this year - since we were able to announce the birth of our first baby last year we wanted to have something else to announce this year - WE ARE PREGNANT!
Zoe is going to be a big sister! At the ripe old age of 18 months Zoe will become a big sister. The new baby is due on or about June 21st 2009.
We are very excited and yes this was all planned. Because it took us nearly two years to successfully become pregnant with Zoe we thought we better start trying for the next one - because who knows how long it will take. Apparantly my body recalls being pregnant and really enjoyed it because it only took us one month to become pregnant this time. It actually worked out perfectly - we really wanted our kids to be close in age and this timing was perfect. And I will still be under 35 before the new baby is born - which was a personal goal for myself. There is just so much more testing and precautions that you need to take once you hit that age and I wanted to avoid that if I could.
So far everything is going really well - we have heard the baby's heartbeat - mid 140's. I have been feeling pretty well - some sickness but nothing too major and nothing that really compares with how I felt with Zoe. Part of me thinks that the second pregnancy is not the same at all - regardless if the gender is the same or not - you just have so many other things to worry about after you have a child that there is not as much time to wallow in your sickness as their was the first time around.
I will continue to write about this pregnancy in other posts.

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