Thursday, January 29, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Hendrickson extended family 12/24/08

So, this year we did something that Rob and I in our 8 years together have never done before - we attended only one Christmas Eve celebration! Normally we would make an appearance at my family's xmas eve and then end up at the Hendrickson's for the night cap. This year we decided that it would be easier to just go to one. Since we had just seen the Bayer side of my family at Thanksgiving we went to the Hendrickson's - as this is really the only time of the year we get to see all of them. It was different - I believe it was the first Christmas in my 33 years that I did not spend with my dad's side of the family. We have our own family now so I guess these kinds of things will continue to happen through the years.

I had to work on Christmas Eve - I got done working a little early and headed home to finish up my dish I was bringing to Mary and Mike's house. Rob did not have to work so he had Zoe during the day. We got Zoe all dressed in her Christmas outfit - complete with tights. I was so proud - she looked so cute!

As usual we had some great food and great drinks - Mike made mine non-alcoholic and I got to drink it from a fancy glass even though it was sans booze!

We did the traditional white elephant gift opening and game playing. I really wanted to regift the weird giraffe I went home with last year but I believe that is against our rules. This year I ended up with a dvd with three Flash Gordon episodes on it - so awesome! Rob ended up with a picture frame with a picture of President Obama in it - so funny that the only Republican in the house would end up with that! The best gift went home with Papa Dale - the singing pig. Shanna opened it first but it was quickly stolen by Papa Dale - he is always looking out for his granddaughters!

Zoe had a great time playing with Bonnie's dog Beagle Bob. He is such a great animal - he just layed there and let Zoe "pet" him and show him all her love! So cute!

The night got late and we needed to get Zoe home - she had to get bed if Santa was going to stop at the house. And we had another long day in store for Christmas Day!

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