Thursday, January 29, 2009

Christmas Day night at home - 12/25/08

After all of our festivites over the past two days we headed home so Zoe could open her gifts from Santa and mommy and daddy. There was also a large gift that had been dropped off by Travis and Missy - mom was the most intrigued as to what that could be!
Zoe got a bath and got all lathered up with lotion so she was all set to open presents!

The large gift from Missy and Travis was a rocking giraffe- so awesome! She loved him - she was giving him hugs and kisses - we set her on top of him and that was a different story. I guess she will have to warm up to the rocking aspect!
Zoe had a grand ol time opening her gifts. Some of them she preferred to sit on before and even after she opened them. It was a great day, great night and a great holiday! We look forward to next Christmas when we will have our new baby to enjoy the holiday with as well!

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