Thursday, January 29, 2009

Christmas at the Hendricksons - 12/20/08

Every year we do Christmas with the Hendrickson immediate family and my mom the weekend before the holiday so that we can all spend some time together. This year was a bit different - Laurie is still over in London working and was not present for Christmas - it was a little strange. She did call while we were all there and we all got to talk to her so that was nice. This year was also a bit different because Zoe was a much more active child than she was last Christmas. She enjoyed opening her gifts, she enjoyed playing with her gifts and even more she enjoyed playing with her cousins. Here are some pictures to illustrate the day!

Hugging cousin Erin! Zoe's stash of gifts - such a lucky kid!
Playing with her new dump truck! Posing with Nana Lynne and Great GMA Ann!

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